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  1. BrianS

    Good Photos of Andromeda patch?

    Hi All I am looking for some good, clear photos of the Andromeda patch. Most specifically, I am looking for clean images of the lettering so I may accurately replicate the font style. Any help would be greatly appreciated (and may ultimately benefit members who are interested in acquiring...
  2. BrianS

    Sandra and ... Sarah Jane?!?!

    Was watching latest episode of the Doctor Who spinnoff 'The Sarah Jane Andventures' when was completely surprised by an appearance by Sandra as the woman who officiates at Sarah Jane's wedding. :D
  3. BrianS

    HD Screen Captures from Black Sun and War Games

    For those who may have missed them over in the Shado Operations, I have posted some screen captures of itv's HD version of Black Sun and War Games. They may be found here: And here...
  4. BrianS

    Torchwood: Children of Earth

    I'm surprised no one has mentioned this (so far as I have seen at least), since it has been debuting this week on the BBC. I just finished watching the fourth of the five episodes and I have to say this 'mini' series has been really good/enjoyable.
  5. BrianS

    My (postponed) CM Interior

    I thought it would be cool to make a version of the 44" Eagle with the CM, the corridors, and the Transporter Pod all done as cutaways. and with all accurate interior details and lighting, etc. At the end of last year I got a bit of a start down that road. I acquired a 44" CM and started...
  6. BrianS

    POLL: Med Patch

    In researching the Medical patch design, I've run into a problem. There is a distinct difference between the way the Medical patches look on screen in the series and the way an untold number of them look to the naked eye. On the show, in every episode I can find, it appears there are two white...
  7. BrianS

    Help - How to Create a Poll?

    I see that some polls have been created in different threads here. I wanted to create a poll myself, but I can't find the controls by which to do it. So how does one create a poll?
  8. BrianS

    Planispharium Calesta Patch Question

    Does anyone have a good close up image of the Planispharium Calesta patch (and yes I believe that is the actual on-screen version of the spelling, rather than Planispharum, as Baldassari has it). This is probably the clearest close up from the screencaps. Anybody have anything better?
  9. BrianS

    Lego Battlestar Galactica

    Here is a massive collection of lego-built BSG models
  10. BrianS

    Fun Artwork

    Someone drew this montage of TV sci-fi from the 70s. It is fun to see 1999 well represented. But it is also enjoyable to look back and see how much fun sci-fi there really was 'in the day'. :) Larger version here...
  11. BrianS


    First they ruin - uh remake - "Day the Earth Stood Still" (and adding insult to injury cast Keannu Reeves as the star) - but now they are ruining - uh remaking - another classic: Forbidden Planet! When will the madness end! What next - a remake of 2001?
  12. BrianS

    Best of MST3K

    With the advent of Rifftrax, I have been going back and enjoying some of the original MST3K episodes. But there are so many to choose from. What do the members here think are some of the best MST3K episodes out there? :D
  13. BrianS

    Moving Dalek Pumpkin!

    How cute is this: Here is how he made it:
  14. BrianS

    Ultra Probe Logo

    Besides this photo, are there any good, detailed shots of the Ultra Probe Logo? I would really like to get a clear idea of what the design really looked like.
  15. BrianS

    Anti Contamination Patch Question

    Were the Anti Contamination patches seen in any episode other than "Dorzak"? I ask because I swear it looks like there is a black on black pattern in the black circle of the patch worn by Helena. (And no, this is not just a problem with the particular image. If one views the episode itself...
  16. BrianS

    Security Patch Question

    In researching some of the patches, I have run across Security patches which are black in the center, but haven't seen any which are purple in the center (as Baldassari's design depicts). Has anyone seen/got screen shots of a Security patch which has purple? If so, from what episode? Thanks...
  17. BrianS

    The Alpha racing jackets?

    Do they still make, or can you find anywhere, the 'racing jackets' which were worn by some Alphans (as seen in the following photos)? From what the continuity guide at the catacombs indicates, they were also used in the original Star Wars movies. Any details (such as brand name or...
  18. BrianS

    Cool Paper Rocket Site Just click on 'models' link
  19. BrianS

    A couple 44" Eagle questions

    For anyone who has the 44" model, a couple questions: 1 - what are the Transporter Pod side door dimensions - specifically the height? Two - what is the height, width, and length of the access corridor between the CM and the Transporter? Concerning the above, I just noticed that there...
  20. BrianS

    Joe 90

    ABC Family has a new series called "The Middleman". It is lots of fun (think Men in Black, Buckaroo Banzai, the in-jokes of 'Spaced', etc for the younger crowd). One of the (tons of) great in-jokes is a recurring character named Joe 90. :)