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  1. jimboh1

    New Kit Alert! SID repair shuttle

    Hi All- I didn't see this anywhere else, but if it is, the usual apologies... Larson Designs of Florida has released a 1/72 SID Repair Shuttle; details here: I would recommend searching for stills of the original miniature as well. i...
  2. jimboh1

    PE Scale

    Can anyone tell me what scale the PE SHADO Mobile is, please? Jim in Calgary
  3. jimboh1

    Wanted: One PE SHADO Mobile Tread

    As per title; please contact me, will pay reasonable ask. Jim in Calgary
  4. jimboh1

    New, improved Sky 1 nose
  5. jimboh1

    Cassini Design- Sky 1 and TB Helijet

    Some interesting releases here: Sorry if this has been posted before; can't find it anywhere else...
  6. jimboh1

    Ford Oyster Gold Metallic- where to buy?

    Hi Everyone- I'm building Sky1 and Skydiver, the old resin kits and am looking for a rattlecan of this paint. I'm in western Canada, so any leads pointing me to such a thing would be greatly appreciated! Jim in Calgary
  7. jimboh1

    TB Movie ship stills?

    Can anyone suggest where I can find stills/ views (preferably orthos) of the ships of the 2004 movie? I'm building the (small) models and want to add some accuracy... TIA, Jim