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  1. birdie

    My 13" Brian The Brain with Lights & Sound

    Just finished working on my Brian scratchbuild. He's made almost entirely from acrylic sheet and stands around 13". The face dishes were made from EMA dished heads. His head rotates, and I've fitted sequencing lights inside and sound samples of Bernard Cribbins as Brian. Check out the video of...
  2. birdie

    My Travel Tube Builds

    Some new builds for 2016....Last monthI found myself with some perspex tube and little to do, so...Travel Tubes! The full models are about 16cm long x 7cm diameter. I also made a studio scale (12 inch dia) docking plate based on the last existing part of the original model, which will be going...
  3. birdie

    The Doctor's Lash-Up Device from A Christmas Carol

    I just completed this comission piece, this is The Doctor's Lash-Up Device (sort of steampunk cellphone) from A Christmas Carol & Day of the Moon.
  4. birdie

    1/6 Classic Hitch Hiker's Marvin build

    I'm just finishing up my 1/6 BBC TV version of Marvin before he goes into silicone later this week. He's primarily constructed of acrylic and styrene sheet, I'm more used to prop builds, so also the tiny bolts and panel detail were 'interesting' with my clunky, chunky fingers :)
  5. birdie

    Anyone know what's up with Space1999.Net/Catacombs?

    Been down for several weeks now :(
  6. birdie

    Any interest in an accurate Scorpio Gun Kit?

    I'm currently working on my Scorpio pistol, based off Neophyl's aluminium parts? This would be an entirely new build based on the dimensions in the other thread. Most parts would be cast in resin, but with laser-cut perspex shrouds and possibly some metal parts and decals included. I can post...
  7. birdie

    Gauda Prime weapons - Blake Killer/Blake/Arlen

    These guns were all seen in Blake (a bigger version of the Blake Killer features in Warlord) Blake's gun Arlen's pistol Blake killer Blake's 'bounty hunter gun' and Avon's BK were built by Bill Pearson. I had a chance to meet Bill and talk about his work on B7 at the recent Brit Sci...
  8. birdie

    Federation Guns - 6 different ones-Builds+Research

    I only meant to make one :lol: I set out to build a fed rifle using the reference on the original props in the excellent thread here: I realised after buying the parts from EMA that I would have enough material to make more than one...
  9. birdie

    Which Blakes 7 Federation Pistol is this?

    I've seen several replicas of this gun, and was wondering if anyone can tell me any episodes it appeared in? I'm currently building the rifle, and would like to make one of these with the leftover parts :)
  10. birdie

    All That Glisters Stun Gun Parts?

    I'm thinking of having a shot at building the cut-away stun gun from All That Glisters. It kinda looks like they've crammed it with old transistor radio or suchlike parts. I'm hopeless at identifying electrical components, and was hoping someone out there might recognize something in there?
  11. birdie

    WTB: Accurate B7 Federation Blaster

    I'm looking for a Federation Blaster from Blake's 7 that is as accurate to the specs in this thread as possible: ie EMA parts, Friedlands et al! Nearly snagged one on Ebay recently so I know they are out there! Would also consider...
  12. birdie

    Monsters In Motion Stun Gun & Commlock?

    I couldn't find another post, so, What do you guys make of these:
  13. birdie

    BritScifi 4 – Leicester March 1/2

    Anyone going? Paul Darrow, Jan Chappell, Stephen Grief and Brian Croucher are apparently appearing, no solid details yet. I'll probably make it up for at least one day, haven't been to a con in ages.
  14. birdie

    Dayna's Concealed Handgun

    This weapon turns up quite a bit in S3, I'd like to have a shot at building one. Anyone know anything about this prop, or if any reference exists apart from screencaps?
  15. birdie

    In Which Episode...

    Did we me see a character changing the magazine of a Federation Blaster? I want to try and get some screen caps :)
  16. birdie

    Wanted: Titan Find Blakes 7 Kits

    I'm looking the Titan Find Liberator, Scorpio & Pursuit Ship kits. I know these are like gold dust, but, hey, it's gotta be worth a shot ;) Cheers, Simon
  17. birdie

    Moonbase Alpha heavy weapons build project and ID help?

    Hi guys, long time lurker, first time with something significant to post :) I've been on something of a Space 1999 kick recently and have a number of projects planned, starting off with having a shot at the three heavy weapons used in the series - the armour piecing laser from Alpha Child and...