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    Dinky Eagle Transporter Refurb

    There is my first Eagle Transporter Refurb. Its a nice start but i need to improve my skills. It had to be an fun-project but i encounted a lot of problems due to my lack of skills and experience. There in the Netherlands we havent got Ford Diamond white etc so i need to find an acceptable...
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    Little help needed.

    Hello I'm restoring an Dinky Eagle and at the moment i like to add some extra details on the CM etc. Visual sample (no Dinky) : Already i tried a fineliner/paintmarker with a steady hand, but i find it hard to make those dots cubic-shaped. Maskingtape didn't helped either because of the...
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    Hello Everybody

    I'm from the Netherlands so forgive my bad englisch. I'm an old guy.In my teenage years was a huge fan op the series Space 1999, still am ofcourse ;).In 1979 i went with my parents to England for the holidays and bought myself a Dinky Freighter(all white with red cargo area).My brother bought...