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    Water ice in Shackleton Crater.

    Interesting. Our moon needs to be explored soooooooooooooooooooooo bad!!!!! ===================
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    "This is a neutrino transmission..." Interesting...
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    Alpha's effect on other worlds.

    When we see Alpha swing close to other planets, we never see the effect that it might have on said celestial body. By every law of physics I'm aware of, a body the mass of the Moon should have some effect, when it swings by close enough to appear so large in the planet's sky. For an example-...
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    Ring Around The Moon. Just couldn't resist. :brows: "We acknowledge."
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    New planet found in our solar system? Okay, do we call it Meta, or Ultra? :brows:
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    New shot of Earth from space.
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    Space program: what torques you off the most?

    Okay, what aspect of the space program, as it stands right now, pisses you off the most? I'm talking everybody's. NASA, ESA, JSA, Russia, et al. What would you change, or do, if YOU had the power, and the checkbook, to make it happen?
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    Russia plots return to Venus

    I just hope Sam and Tessa can miss this one! ;) ======================== Russia plots return to Venus By Anatoly Zak Science reporter The Venera missions produced tantalising images of the Venusian surface Densely clouded in...
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    New hyper propulsion system Could Be Tested at the Large Hadron Collider

    Not exactly the Queller Drive, but hey! Maybe Brian's Swifts? ================================ Thursday, October 08, 2009 Hyperdrive Propulsion Could Be Tested at the Large Hadron Collider The principle behind a novel form of spacecraft...
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    Brain-Computer Interface--science catches up w/Space!

    Kano, watch out!!!!!!! Brain-Computer Interface Allows Person-to-person Communication Through Power Of Thought ScienceDaily (Oct. 6, 2009) — New research from the University of Southampton has demonstrated that it is possible...
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    Ultra Probe-Disbelief, or cover-up?

    Ultra Probe-Disbelief, or cover-up? ==================================== Okay, here's a question. After Cellini's return from Ultra, and the blanked-out areas on the Probe ship's black box were found, he was ridiculed by the space authoririties, as well as medical people and Commissioner Dixon...
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    Future Moon Base Site Imaged in 3-D

    Future Moon Base Site Imaged in 3-D ========================== Cool, eh?
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    Chinese Say They're Building 'Impossible' Space Drive

    Interesting. ======================== Chinese Say They're Building 'Impossible' Space Drive By David Hambling September 24, 2008 | 10:29:00 AMCategories: Bizarro, Science!, Space Chinese researchers claim they've confirmed the...
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    Black Sun-Paul and Tanya...

    We saw Tanya, asking Paul if she could "share the music", as Alpha plummets towards the event horizon of the Black Sun. He is, of course, agreeable. Now, do you think that perhaps Paul shared more than just the music with her, during that final plunge? :brows: Opinions?
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    Ultra Probe ship. What if...

    Okay, Helena said that they were scooting back to Alpha, before the Moon drifted too far away. However, we all know how tight resources on Alpha can be, so... Do you think any attempt would have been made to reclaim the Ultra Probe ship? It seems a big waste to just let it go, given that with...
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    Glass Beads From Moon Hint Of Watery Past

    Cool, huh? ============================== July 9, 2008 · Scientists have found water in some tiny beads of volcanic glass that Apollo astronauts collected on the moon decades ago, raising new questions about how the moon was born...
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    Which ep would you like to be in?

    Given the choice, and an accomodating MUF, what episode would you like to live out, given the chance? Why?
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    When you look up at the Moon...

    Okay, do you ever, when looking up, have the music from the show go through your head? Any of it? I will confess it does for me. C'mon...fess up. You KNOW it does.....;)
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    Y2's Third War; sensible or nonesense?

    Okay, we know what Koenig told Maya. I mentioned this in the orher ROL thread, :) :) but I think it needs a seperate one. IF there had been so all-encompassing a war as it sounds like, would Alpha even exist? To me, with whole countries and cities in ruins, what money and resources remaining...
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    The Last Sunset--plot hole or limitation?

    In TLS, we see the mysterious aliens give Alpha an atmosphere. Given how much gas it would take to envelope the Moon sufficiently, this would constitute a lot of their own atmosphere being transferred. Now, the Arielites obviously have a massively advanced technology. They assessed the Alphan's...