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  1. Nike

    1/4th Scale Alien Queen and Full Scale Captain Scarlet!!

    Hi Guys! Been a while since I last visited here. I have some stuff that you guys might like: A 1/4th Scale Alien Queen Replica, this beast is just soooo awesome, and pictures just don't do her justice. She's huge and heavy, and with this incredible dynamic pose, it's just an eye catcher for...
  2. skiffy

    1:18 scale APC playset

    Ever since the halcyon APC came out, and I tried in vain to scratchbuild an interior, I've been wrestling with the idea of trying to fit the inside into the outside - which everyone knows is impossible in real terms. Even so, it struck me that it might be possible to do something like the old...
  3. Captain Sci-Fi

    UFO Model help

    Hi Chaps Thinking hats on please. Years ago I remember seeing some fan art of a landed UFO open up something like the illustration below. If anyone has a scan of the original artwork please post it here or send via an email to me: Yes, I am working on this kit again.