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  1. boatshewsd2

    This Day, 1999...

    :2c: :( ...Moonbase Alpha, Eagle 1...Moonbase Alpha, Eagle 1...Alpha, Eagle 1, do you copy?... Alpha, Eagle 1, do you copy?... Eagle 1 calling on all channels... This is Eagle 1, declaring Red Alert emergency - total loss of signal...Alpha, are you there? Can you answer me, Alpha? If you...
  2. T

    "Breakaway" physics

    Greetings all! I was showcasing episiode 1 to my nephew and a thought/question came into my mind at the point where area 2 goes up. Am I correct in thinking that the physics would be that the moon would accelerate to the point where area 2 stops exploding then stop accelerating and continue on...
  3. Cellini

    A video editing of Simon Rhodes's lost scenes

    Hi everyone, having being fascinated by Simon Rhodes's audio tapes of some Breakaway lost scenes, I decided to select the new ones (I neglected the scenes that are similar to those which eventually made it in the final cut) and insert them in the moments where they should have been - in same...