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  1. A

    Alpha Moon Base in to Unity3d Engine

    Hellow all, im new here, i start to making all Base Moon Alpha in 3d max, exteriors and interiors, this is in some way based in the Main tower of Wes Sargent but have some diferences specialy in the format of the tower and some interiors, so is not acurate 100% but maybe i can say it 90%, im...
  2. Moebius

    Alpha Interiors

    Some new Moonbase Alpha Interiors.
  3. ldo

    Star Trek II “Genesis” Effect

    I never realized it watching the movie at the time, but the “Genesis” effect was a pretty groundbreaking piece of CG work for its day. Some background on it is here. And if you’re interested in other items on vintage computer graphics, the other videos in that area a worth a watch, too.
  4. G

    Working on virtual puppet characters for game modification

    I'm not sure if this is in the right section, as it's a work in process model series and/or idea to brainstorm, but it's in CGI for a video game project (in a sense). Ah well, if I'm in the wrong, I humbly expect a friendly WARNING from one of the helpful little admins of this forum. ;) I'm not...
  5. oshvision

    Recovery Vehicles

    I made these :thumbup:
  6. ChrisofEDF

    Stingray: What if

    The computer graphical, three dimensional voyage of Stingray This ones been on the back-burner for a while, this was done as an experiment to see how Stingray would look using more "Hollywood style" underwater effects (Like in Hunt for Red October, or...
  7. oshvision

    Space Station KLA video

    Hi there I have created a short video of my CGI render of space station KLA; Hope you like folks!