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fireball xl5

  1. E

    Fireball XL5 Upscale Card Model

    As of June 2012, a free card model upscale of Pierre Fontaine's Fireball XL5 can be found at:
  2. fireballman

    Fireball XL5 in colour

    Will colourisation generate a new era of television for Fireball XL5 and Supercar to go with the later colour programs like Stingray and Thunderbirds, or should they be in the original black and white?
  3. ChrisofEDF

    Fireball XL5: Planet of fire

    Just got a chance to read the XL5 Planet of fire Comic, anyone else think this would make an awsome movie or mini-series? It is a solid adventure and gets pretty epic. It can be found in Century 21: Volume 2 Invasion in the 21st Century Anyone have any thoughts? :)