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gerry anderson

  1. boatshewsd2

    Remembrance: 1929-2019

    :2c: #CheersGerryAnderson Honored to raise a glass today, Sunday, to the champion of my childhood - on what would've been his 90th birthday. Pass it on... Cheers, Mr Anderson. Thank you, sir... :cheers:
  2. J

    Andercon: General Information

    Andercon 2014 celebrates the life and legacy of British television's most celebrated science fiction producer - Gerry Anderson - creator of TV classics including Thunderbirds, Space 1999, Joe 90, Captain Scarlet, UFO Stingray, and many more! Let me take you on a little walkthrough. From the...
  3. boatshewsd2


    Not so long ago (wish I could remember on which thread), some of us were noting the sad fact that an entire year has elapsed since Mr Anderson's passing. It is remembered on the Anderson website today (26/Thurs), and a good read. Still a vacant place, against the sky.


    Hello, thought I'd show you 2 builds lve been working on lately. Got these 2 wonderful laser cut Medium-density fibreboard (MDF) ships from cogotwo while at a steampunk/custom car convention early on this year and agreed to fit it out with engines etc.... PUNKROCKET.. approx 8"...
  5. ChrisofEDF

    Shadow of Fear/ Holding the line.

    Some more Scarlet and Terrahawks stuff, hope you enjoy :) Click here for artist notes and stuff Artist notes and some Terrahawks love
  6. karr1981

    ETF Scratchbuild competition, first month update

    Hi Guys, We are one month in to the ETF scratchbuild competition and we already have 10 very exciting models being created, from alien guest ships to military themed vehicles and much more. There are going to be some amazing models at the end of this competition, if you haven't already I...
  7. Mike Delamar

    Joe 90 screengrabs

    Some ive done while recentley, and a few little things Ive noticed, I imagine all of this has been noted already, but just for fun and interest heres some.. This scale car would make a fabulous replica, pity its not seen more in the show. the legs on this thing are the same type of...
  8. Cyberschizoid

    Memories of Moonbase Alpha

    I thought you guys might be interested in reading my article "Space:1999 - Memories of Moonbase Alpha", which is now posted online.
  9. Captain Sci-Fi

    Robert the Robot plan set available to order....

    Hi Guys, Things have been busy with the forum changes and I am quite a long way behind where I expected to be at this stage. Having said all of this a lot has been happening with the help of a few key people and the plan at least is finalised. I am very happy to announce that George Bagley has...