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main mission

  1. boatshewsd2

    Main Mission VR Tour

    Hope I've put this in the right category; if it might be better suited elsewhere, pls feel free... Became aware of this through 1999's Facebook page. It's rather lengthy, as you'll see, but I was just so impressed by the segment I saw. Hope you might like it, as well...
  2. Nova66

    Space 1999 Environments in Virtual Reality

    I have been working on a Virtual Reality project that started off as a model of the Eagle Transporter but has now expanded to include the Launchpad and Main Mission. The project is a work in progress with new elements being added as time permits. The latest additions to the Main Mission...
  3. Moebius

    Alpha Interiors

    Some new Moonbase Alpha Interiors.
  4. EddieL

    The work of Jean-Marc Deschamps

    The work of Olivier Cabourdin For those who have not seen his amazing work, have a look at Olivier Cabourdin's exhibition at the Migennes-Collector exhibit. (Not Jean-Marc Deschamps, thanks Alex.) He also provides wonderful build-up pictures: Hangar Launch Pad Main Mission Enjoy! Cheers Eddie