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  1. I

    UFO SHADO studio scale replica model on Ebay

    I sell on Ebay my personal studio scale replica model of the UFO Made of resin, domes thermoformed in policarbonate clear. Dimensions are 23cm x 17cm (scale 1.1 to the TV series model). Phil Rae UFO blueprints was used as reference. The model was produced and sold in 2007 in ONLY 25 copies. THE...
  2. mung

    Kit bash Shuttle

    Here is my latest completed project, a Kit bash Shuttle which started as a Heller Super Frelon Helicopter Kit at 1/35th scale. The engine pod housings are made from acrylic wine glasses from a charity shop. As usual, since there is no build thread category for original designs on Eagle...
  3. M

    Red Dwarf Series XI/XII - Coming Autumn 2016

    Anyone else excited about the upcoming two new series? Was lucky enough to go to a recording and can report that it is generally a step up from Series X, both in terms of writing and production design; the sets looked fantastic. Apparently both Magic Camera Co and The Model Unit are both...
  4. M

    Google Cool.... Model making / space ship in street view. What more do we need (Alpha in streetview maybe!). Others have some rail and fairground stuff.


    Hi all, thought I'd show you my Dagostini Falcon build & I must say lm enjoying it, Exellent quality. Metal guns primed & barrels drilled out.... Adding my own details to the main hold cabin... Making barrels with some poundshop gel pen tops... & bits... Added pipework...
  6. G

    Working on virtual puppet characters for game modification

    I'm not sure if this is in the right section, as it's a work in process model series and/or idea to brainstorm, but it's in CGI for a video game project (in a sense). Ah well, if I'm in the wrong, I humbly expect a friendly WARNING from one of the helpful little admins of this forum. ;) I'm not...
  7. ChrisFoxx

    The Original Eagle Transporter Model

    Hey, all! I hope this isn't a repost. I stumbled across this some time ago. The original shooting model of the Eagle is in a private collection. Here, on YouTube, is a sort of a tour of the model. Enough to make a fan like me 7 shades of green with envy...
  8. Ham Salad

    Commlock graphics?

    Does anybody have some example(s) of the ID card in the side of the commlock? Mine has Koenig and I really think I look more like Victor....
  9. SteveDix

    My First Build : SHADO Moon Mobile

    Ever since I joined Eagertrainspotter, I've been thinking about what Gerry Anderson vehicle to build. Perhaps a Hawk? Hawks are largely kitbashed, with large chunks of the body coming from various Saturns, and carving the nosecone out of extruded polystyrene foam would be fun. I'm already...
  10. KevinD

    New Cybermat

    I'm currently having a go at making the Cybermat that is supposed to be making its appearance in the second half of the new season. I am basing it on the one picture that seems to be everywhere on the internet, (a frame grab from a videoclip). Does anybody have any other images of this prop?
  11. oshvision


    HI There; heres some pics of my PaperModels! that i have made over the years, i have some more but there in boxes in the loft lol! :) Empire State Building Diorama Zero X includng paper model MEV!!! Thunderbird 6 and SkyShip One Sun Reflector from Lord Parkers 'Oliday Ocean Pioneer 2...
  12. Meritamis

    1/72 B-58 Hustler

    Does anyone know where to get a B-58 Hustler in a 1/72 scale?