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  1. boatshewsd2

    When Everyone Went To The Moon...

    (or, What Were You Doing, That Christmas Eve?) :2c: :read: :pray: I belong to the Class of 1968 - in some ways a good year, but in so many more a truly horrible one. And then, near the end of it, came this: Apollo 8… Apollo 7 had already led the way back up into space for us, after the...
  2. boatshewsd2

    Do We Really Need The Moon?

    More than a question: happened upon this wonderful BBC Scotland program, watched it on the BBC Future website, and just loved it! :yes: (PS: listen to the soundtrack, early on; guaranteed, you'll smile! ;))
  3. R

    Moon: I did some LEGO again...

    If anyone might be interested in some Lego stuff: Here you can find my Sarang Moon Rover from the movie Moon (2009): or check out the rest of the Sci Fi stuff on my MOC-Page: I hope you like it!? Please enjoy and...