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space 1999

  1. boatshewsd2

    Main Mission VR Tour

    Hope I've put this in the right category; if it might be better suited elsewhere, pls feel free... Became aware of this through 1999's Facebook page. It's rather lengthy, as you'll see, but I was just so impressed by the segment I saw. Hope you might like it, as well...
  2. Nova66

    Space 1999 Environments in Virtual Reality

    I have been working on a Virtual Reality project that started off as a model of the Eagle Transporter but has now expanded to include the Launchpad and Main Mission. The project is a work in progress with new elements being added as time permits. The latest additions to the Main Mission...
  3. boatshewsd2

    Info, Please: Catacombs...

    Hope everyone's enjoying the holidays! :yes: :think: Except, perhaps, over at The Catacombs, which seems to be down today. Has anyone heard anything, re possible problems there? Thanks...
  4. boatshewsd2

    Eaglebirds Are Go!

    :2c: :idea: If you haven't already seen this elsewhere, check out this clever idea from the Thunderbirds Facebook page. The photo alone is priceless! ;)
  5. D

    SCI-FI & Superheroes of the 70's movie poster sized print available if interested!

    SCI-FI & Superheroes of the 70's movie poster sized print available if interested! Hi guys, I produced this artwork a number of years ago, but I recently went back and redrew A LOT of it, particularly the faces of almost all the characters, I also added 3 more 70's era space craft and 1978's TV...
  6. K


    This is part of a project submitted to Lego.IDEAS which is a kind participatory platform built for elective selection of designs or theme proposals from Lego customers. It's free and very marketing oriented. You can support this project if you want.
  7. H

    space 1999 stun gun

    Hi, I joined the forum to ask a cheeky question about the value of a u.k 1975/6 official space 1999 stun gun. Whilst sorting through some of my childhood toys to part with i unearthed a grey stun gun with lights. I removed the grip handle popped in 2 aa's and it still works just as it did many...
  8. K

    Space 1999 Eagle Transporters x 3

    I've had these in storage for years, its time they got the love they deserved.
  9. boatshewsd2

    Moonbase Eternal... :(
  10. boatshewsd2

    Farewell Vana...

    :2c: :( Moonbase Eternal Status Report... I've always had a particular affection for Vana (Missing Link), as she was my Convention costume at Springfield MA in 1982; Barry Morse was among the costume-contest judges that year, and (wow, recalling the competition!) I placed...
  11. goodl

    Space 1999 in Virtual Reality on the Oculus Rift

    This is a video from my Space 1999 demo coded in unity by me with a little help from the this site for the ship models. I've included some of the titles from the series to set the scene. I'm really impressed with Unity though the learning curve was steep at first. When viewed in VR on an oculus...
  12. boatshewsd2

    A TB2 Sidebar: Birds Of A Feather?

    :) While we're all enjoying the marvelous forward progress of Ben's Thunderbird 2 model, something on the Forum's homepage caught my eye the other day... :think: Appearing in the AMC Members Gallery (highlight-reel edition) were near-identical perspectives of TB2 and Space: 1999's Eagle...
  13. B

    New Sci Fi Air Show Image

    I'm planning a new Eagle section to the Sci Fi Air Show that should be up on my site in the next few months. In the meantime I wanted to share this new Eagle image with the group. Thanks, Bill
  14. Lee S


    Yet Another Eagle Tank.... This one has been on simmer for years. I brought most of the kit pieces in 2004/5 and then it sat waiting for the vac-form nose pieces. Finally last year I managed to get one (Thanks Chris) and could start. Since then I've moved 3 times (work) and it went back in a...
  15. joeb

    Joeb's 44" scratch-built Eagle

    I posted an intro up in the Commander's Office. Here are some shots of my 44” Eagle. I finished it a couple of years ago after starting it back in 02. It's entirely scratch built except for the nose cone (Chris Trice) and all of the engine bells ( Jim Small). Thanks to both of them. The details...
  16. CR

    Coming soon... Commander Koenig

    OK, this is likely one of the dippiest threads I've ever started, as I currently have no way to upload pics, but since I briefly mentioned on another thread this work-in-progress, I might as well get a thread ready for it. I hope my prose description is enough to get the idea across! Recently...
  17. ChrisofEDF

    Moonbase Alpha: The oncoming storm.

    Yet another alien force appears to spoil Koneigs day. Not totally accurate. An experiment to see if Google sketch-up is any good. Turns out it is and is going to make my life a lot easier when it comes to modelling.
  18. S

    Planned and in progress models

    Heres a list of models Ive planned or are in progress. Air-Sea Rescue Jet. (completed) Zombite Fighter. (nerly done) Spectrum Hovercraft. (nerly done) Superon Tanker/Collection Vehicle/VIP Transporter. (nerly done) Stingray. (nerly done) Recovery Vehicle. (nerly done) Grey & Houseman Truck/IR...
  19. E

    Space 1999 Resources and Sites

    Please nominate all known (decent) Space 1999 resource sites here and I'll compile a sticky thread. Can't think why we never did this before?... :lol: