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  1. boatshewsd2

    This Day, 1999...

    :2c: :( ...Moonbase Alpha, Eagle 1...Moonbase Alpha, Eagle 1...Alpha, Eagle 1, do you copy?... Alpha, Eagle 1, do you copy?... Eagle 1 calling on all channels... This is Eagle 1, declaring Red Alert emergency - total loss of signal...Alpha, are you there? Can you answer me, Alpha? If you...
  2. boatshewsd2

    *BREAKING* Moonbase Eternal: Suzanne Roquette

    :2c: :( Such sad news, to start off this Friday Morning (local). Andersonia social media is reporting news of the passing of Space:1999's Suzanne Roquette, Year One's Main Mission regular Tanya Alexander... She was the very first 1999 cast member I ever met (the only other would be Barry...
  3. boatshewsd2

    Moonbase Eternal: Jeremy Kemp

    :2c: :( Hearing news of the recent passing of Jeremy Kemp, of 1999 Y1's Voyager's Return. Thanks to tryptych, for this information. (See his tribute under Seaview Eternal: David Hedison).
  4. boatshewsd2

    Moonbase Eternal: Freddie Jones

    :2c: :( News today (Wed/10) of the recent passing of veteran actor Freddie Jones (Dr Charles Logan in 1999 Y2 episode Journey To Where)…
  5. boatshewsd2

    Finally: US Blu-Ray of 1999, This Summer!

    :2c: :dance: Fellow Statesiders - now hear this!
  6. boatshewsd2

    But Did It Smile for The Cameras?

    :2c: :o Well, we've long wondered about what a black hole might look like if we ever happened across one (looking at you, Black Sun)... Today, we know! Or made a beginning, at least. And here it is, direct from the distant galaxy M87 - the first image of one of these "absolute monsters" -...
  7. boatshewsd2

    Moonbase Eternal: Geoffrey Bayldon

    :2c: :(
  8. Scalemodeltech

    22" scaled Spine Booster

    Hey everyone, this is my scratch built 22" scaled (or 1:48 scale) Spine Booster. Based on screen reference and the Chris Trice recreation of the 44" version. Constructed from kit parts and Plastruct like the original model it has Mike Reader turned aluminium engine bells to complete the piece...
  9. Cyberschizoid

    SPACE:1999 - What's Lurking On The Dark Side Of The Moon?

    I just wanted to alert you to a brand new classic sci-fi magazine featuring a gorgeous SPACE:1999 cover by Woody Welch, an article about the classic horror film influences on the show (particularly Year One) and some more exclusive artwork. You can find more info about SPACE MONSTERS magazine...
  10. Cyberschizoid

    Memories of Moonbase Alpha

    I thought you guys might be interested in reading my article "Space:1999 - Memories of Moonbase Alpha", which is now posted online.
  11. Cyberschizoid

    SPACE:1999 SEASON 3 - WHAT IF..?

    In a parallel universe, "Space:1999" has been given the go ahead for a third season of 24 episodes. If you were given the job of Producer, what would you do to make this third season a success? Give as much info as you like - any changes in set design, cast, music, episode plotlines. The year...