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star wars

  1. StephenDutton

    Hoth Rifle Prop Build

    This model is intended to be part of a Rebel Hoth Trooper costume. Making the gun from scratch was offered me a cheap way of getting a lightweight gun. Testing it on bathroom scales showed that it was too light to register. Also pictured is the replica Stg44 I used as a pattern.
  2. StephenDutton

    The Hoth Rifle

    I've been working on a Rebel Hoth Trench Trooper costume for the Rebel Legion for some weeks now and as part of that I decided I wanted to include the rifle (the Blastech A-280C or A-295 depending on your point of view). This is an optional item for clearing the costume but a big gun always...
  3. boatshewsd2


    And, here it is...
  4. boatshewsd2

    At One, with The Force...

    :2c: :( Just picked up on this...
  5. boatshewsd2

    BREAKING: Moonbase Eternal - Sir Christopher Lee



    Hi all, thought I'd show you my Dagostini Falcon build & I must say lm enjoying it, Exellent quality. Metal guns primed & barrels drilled out.... Adding my own details to the main hold cabin... Making barrels with some poundshop gel pen tops... & bits... Added pipework...
  7. skiffy

    (Almost) scratchbuilt E11 blaster

    I posted this over at Whitearmor and the RPF but thought I'd post my progress here too. If you know anything about these blasters (E11's) used by the stormtroopers in A New Hope - then you'll probably know that they are built around a very real Sterling sub-machine gun, adorned with various...