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studio scale

  1. M

    44" Eagle - Bringing it all together

    Well, firstly and I don't fully understand why I started some threads as I was building the different parts of the Eagle; The passenger pod (still incomplete) The Leg Pods...
  2. L

    Sanjay's (lazyeagle) Thunderbird 2 Studio Scale build

    This model maybe my undoing…but here goes. Thunderbird Two, all 32 inches of green morning glory….well if I get the shade right. Got these warped fibreglass pulls from good friend Mamas (RCnut) about five years ago when skills were sadly lacking. Not sure who mastered it but still it’s...
  3. dbhs

    Studio Scale Cylon Raider

    I just finished my Cylon Raider. This is the Mike Salzo Version2 kit that came out a few years ago. This is my first completely finished studio replica model and I'm pleased with how it turned out. More pics on my site here:
  4. Duey

    Studio Scale GEMINI FREIGHT

    When I was done with the Colonial Movers Studio Scale model, I then wanted to do the rag tag GEMINI FREIGHT model. This is six months of work so far as time is not on my side. It took a long time to find the right model kits and pictures of the ship as well. So here is what I have so far...
  5. IanStewart

    Studio Scale Thunderbird 4

    I was lucky enought to be given a very large Thunderbird kit. Large meaning 29" long. The detail is very accurate, but it's on a scale that I've not dealt with before. The component parts are made from an off-white cast resin. There is a lot of excess resin to remove, but the end result should...