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  1. boatshewsd2

    To (and From) Slough, With Love...

    :2c: A place I never got to see; yet a tiny part* now lives with me... ...and the dance goes on! :wub: :notworthy: (*Brick #61, Century 21 Studios...:dance:)
  2. G

    Working on virtual puppet characters for game modification

    I'm not sure if this is in the right section, as it's a work in process model series and/or idea to brainstorm, but it's in CGI for a video game project (in a sense). Ah well, if I'm in the wrong, I humbly expect a friendly WARNING from one of the helpful little admins of this forum. ;) I'm not...
  3. T

    Supermarionation Puppet blueprints wanted

    Hi all Does anyone know if there are any puppet blueprints or plans in existence it would be good if there was male and female blueprints I really want to make a puppet tv show and was hoping to use modified supermarionette plans Cheers Tibbington:);):D
  4. TVC21

    Original Undercontrol Puppets

    Hi, just picked up a bunch of bits of undercontrol bodies, lot 91 from the Philips auction. Some interesting stuff, a complete female and almost complete male body from TBAG/TB6, and a male seated Scarlet era body, plus loads of the brass fittings and controllers;
  5. Captain Sci-Fi

    Robert the Robot plan set available to order....

    Hi Guys, Things have been busy with the forum changes and I am quite a long way behind where I expected to be at this stage. Having said all of this a lot has been happening with the help of a few key people and the plan at least is finalised. I am very happy to announce that George Bagley has...
  6. karr1981


    Welcome to the Puppets Thread Hi Guys, welcome to the Puppets! thread, the hottest place for discussion on puppets Enjoy, Chris