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thunderbird 2

  1. Jeffrey schroder

    I'm selling my Iconic Replicas Thunderbird 2

    I am selling my Thunderbird 2 of Iconic Replicas. I know that there are a lot of opinions about it but I enjoyed the model very much. Now its time to make some space in my home and it was in the box for the last 3 years... Unfortunately the cetificate is missing but the plain is coming in its...
  2. boatshewsd2

    Eaglebirds Are Go!

    :2c: :idea: If you haven't already seen this elsewhere, check out this clever idea from the Thunderbirds Facebook page. The photo alone is priceless! ;)
  3. boatshewsd2

    A Real-Life TB2?

    File this Thunderbirds-related item under the-company-they-keep: pulled up the BBC News home page this morning and what to our wondering eyes should appear, but a B&W image of our favorite Green Goddess - Thunderbird 2! :O :hmm: Hmm, we wonder...what's she doing there? Have a look...
  4. S

    Thunderbirds 2 Hangar

    Thunderbird 2 Hangar Hi guys! First of all I'd like to thank the Eagle Transporter community for posting and sharing references pictures and details of the Thunderbirds! :thumbup: To pay tribute to this wonderful series I enjoyed so much I came up with the idea to recreate the same feeling...
  5. boatshewsd2

    A TB2 Sidebar: Birds Of A Feather?

    :) While we're all enjoying the marvelous forward progress of Ben's Thunderbird 2 model, something on the Forum's homepage caught my eye the other day... :think: Appearing in the AMC Members Gallery (highlight-reel edition) were near-identical perspectives of TB2 and Space: 1999's Eagle...
  6. L

    Sanjay's (lazyeagle) Thunderbird 2 Studio Scale build

    This model maybe my undoing…but here goes. Thunderbird Two, all 32 inches of green morning glory….well if I get the shade right. Got these warped fibreglass pulls from good friend Mamas (RCnut) about five years ago when skills were sadly lacking. Not sure who mastered it but still it’s...
  7. Pilot Aaron Izzard

    I need halp with Thunderbird 2's pod vehicles

    This is a call for help from any and all members of the Eagle Transporter Forums. I am currently in the process of an art project on my Deviant art account, i am recreating and cataloging every Pod vehicle used in the Original Thunderbirds Tv series and the comics. I already have referance...