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thunderbird 3

  1. P


    I think I made TB3 too pointy but ah well.
  2. boatshewsd2

    Thunderbird 3, Re-Imagined...

    :2c: :idea: If you're a fan of the Gerry Anderson website, or receive (as I do) their wkly Saturday newsletter (or both), you may already have viewed this - if not, definitely recommended: An intriguing new vision for everyone's favorite Big Red Rocket! Enjoy... :yes...
  3. A

    Thunderbird 3 Uncle Model Challenge

    I've been gifted the Thunderbird 3 Uncle kit for my birthday today as I'm a big TB fan but have very little experience in building and painting. I need to find someone to take it on for a fee. I'm going to swing by a Games Workshop later today, as their stuff normally looks pretty impressive and...
  4. boatshewsd2

    Picture This: TB3 & Beautiful Balloons!!!

    Here's a - shall we say - somewhat different interpretation of Thunderbird 3. And I love it - way to go!!! :lol:


    Hello, thought I'd show you 2 builds lve been working on lately. Got these 2 wonderful laser cut Medium-density fibreboard (MDF) ships from cogotwo while at a steampunk/custom car convention early on this year and agreed to fit it out with engines etc.... PUNKROCKET.. approx 8"...