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thunderbird 4

  1. Jeffrey schroder

    Thunderbird 4 (Takara 1:144) diorama

    Recently build this small diorama for one of my Tb 4's of Takara in 1:144 scale. Simply bought a small case at the Ikea store and build in some cheap christmas LED lights in top of the case. Hope you like it.:)
  2. N

    Thunderbird 4 Mania!

    Who knew how popular TB4 was...! here's mine in primer in the basement...
  3. KevinD

    Thunderbird 4 scratchbuild

    I'm having a go at a Thunderbird 4. So far, I've started the main body, using my usual technique of sticking lumps of balsa together, putting plasticard on it and then throwing milliput at it until it starts to look roughly the right shape.
  4. IanStewart

    Studio Scale Thunderbird 4

    I was lucky enought to be given a very large Thunderbird kit. Large meaning 29" long. The detail is very accurate, but it's on a scale that I've not dealt with before. The component parts are made from an off-white cast resin. There is a lot of excess resin to remove, but the end result should...