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  1. P

    Ebay mystery Thunderbirds puppets

    Are these from one of the John Brown theatrical puppet shows?
  2. boatshewsd2

    BREAKING: Passing of Shane Rimmer

    :2c: :( Just waking up (local) to this news - Oh My God!!! :notworthy:
  3. Jeffrey schroder

    I'm selling my Iconic Replicas Thunderbird 2

    I am selling my Thunderbird 2 of Iconic Replicas. I know that there are a lot of opinions about it but I enjoyed the model very much. Now its time to make some space in my home and it was in the box for the last 3 years... Unfortunately the cetificate is missing but the plain is coming in its...
  4. karr1981

    Robert Harrop Thunderbirds For Sale

    Hi Guys, We have just collected the following Robert Harrop Thunderbirds statues and are offering them to the forum before we list them publicly. All are in amazing and complete condition as shown in the pics. Please comment or Pm me with any you want and I can provide additional pics, price...
  5. boatshewsd2

    Forever Virgil...

    :2c: :( Some very sad news to wake up to, this morning (Pacific)...
  6. boatshewsd2

    Eaglebirds Are Go!

    :2c: :idea: If you haven't already seen this elsewhere, check out this clever idea from the Thunderbirds Facebook page. The photo alone is priceless! ;)
  7. C

    THUNDERBIRDS Mascot kits

    Several of the vacuum formed, fun shaped, kits on Ebay.
  8. boatshewsd2

    What's In A Name? (Hint: Sun Probe?)

    :#: suppose somebody there at NASA might've been a Thunderbirds fan? :hmm: :gossip: Guess we'll be hearing more about this, come Wednesday! Stay tuned... (ADD...
  9. boatshewsd2

    Paging Runway Two-Nine...

    The world of the future might just be catching up soon (maybe?):
  10. boatshewsd2

    A Real-Life TB2?

    File this Thunderbirds-related item under the-company-they-keep: pulled up the BBC News home page this morning and what to our wondering eyes should appear, but a B&W image of our favorite Green Goddess - Thunderbird 2! :O :hmm: Hmm, we wonder...what's she doing there? Have a look...
  11. boatshewsd2

    To-MAY-to? To-MAH-to?

    :2c: A Thunderbirds question, for the house: :?: Is it hoverbike or hoverjet, that is the preferred term? Or are these two considered interchangeable? :think: I've encountered both, in research for my fan-fic, and can't decide between them - please, all opinions welcome! Thanks...
  12. boatshewsd2

    The Course of True Love...

    :2c: I've come to enjoy Jack Knoll's various Top-Ten lists, over on the GA website; and his newest one clocks in just in time for Hearts-To-You Day weekend! Make of it what you will. Cue the violins... :boohoo: :wub:
  13. boatshewsd2

    TB Guest Vehicles On Parade...
  14. boatshewsd2

    They're Always With You...

    On a solemn night here in SoCal, something to bring a little smile... ...and a new respect for my Auto Club card! (It's at 15:48...)
  15. P

    Ripmax window replica for Helijet replicas

    Not sure if this has been posted before. Surfed on to this The original parts 'cross bar' was very thin and easy to break, and impossible to print. The replica cross bar is a little thicker, behind where it cant be seen. Jim
  16. boatshewsd2

    The Wind Beneath Their Wings - Count on It!

    :2c: Interesting comparison of those whose lot it's been to fly that big chair. Agree, or disagree? Discuss! (I'd put in a word for Gay Ellis myself...) :gossip:
  17. RedTrev

    Thunderbirds Are Go - Or are they?

    I have to say that I watched the first couple of episodes in this series with a massive grin on my face and a small tear in my eye. This new series seems, to me, to capture the essence of Thunderbirds whilst keeping it relevant to a modern audience. I love that they've even tried using models...
  18. A

    Thunderbird 3 Uncle Model Challenge

    I've been gifted the Thunderbird 3 Uncle kit for my birthday today as I'm a big TB fan but have very little experience in building and painting. I need to find someone to take it on for a fee. I'm going to swing by a Games Workshop later today, as their stuff normally looks pretty impressive and...
  19. Jeffrey schroder

    Thunderbird 4 (Takara 1:144) diorama

    Recently build this small diorama for one of my Tb 4's of Takara in 1:144 scale. Simply bought a small case at the Ikea store and build in some cheap christmas LED lights in top of the case. Hope you like it.:)
  20. boatshewsd2

    Picture This: TB3 & Beautiful Balloons!!!

    Here's a - shall we say - somewhat different interpretation of Thunderbird 3. And I love it - way to go!!! :lol: