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  1. StephenDutton

    Easter Egg UFO?

    The supermarket near me is selling hollow plastic eggs meant for Easter egg hunts that consist of a lot of small eggs inside a larger one. Obviously not many such hunts are taking place right now so they've been reduced in price and I now have three of these. I'm really just interested in the...
  2. boatshewsd2

    Forever Virgil...

    :2c: :( Some very sad news to wake up to, this morning (Pacific)...
  3. boatshewsd2

    Information, Please...

    I have heard elsewhere this morning (Sat) that Keith Alexander (UFO, Thunderbird 6) has passed. Can anyone confirm?
  4. I

    UFO SHADO studio scale replica model on Ebay

    I sell on Ebay my personal studio scale replica model of the UFO Made of resin, domes thermoformed in policarbonate clear. Dimensions are 23cm x 17cm (scale 1.1 to the TV series model). Phil Rae UFO blueprints was used as reference. The model was produced and sold in 2007 in ONLY 25 copies. THE...
  5. Straker1999

    UFO Hardware,Weapons, and Stage Props

    Hello Everyone, I've been a member here for a while (silently) and have enjoyed this place a lot, I don't know if this is the right place for this but here goes. I didn't really see an appropriate place for this so I'll ask it here. I haven't found anywhere over the years that specialized in...
  6. M

    UFO clear domes

    Anyone know where I could get some clear vac formed domes for a UFO ? UK please
  7. boatshewsd2

    The Course of True Love...

    :2c: I've come to enjoy Jack Knoll's various Top-Ten lists, over on the GA website; and his newest one clocks in just in time for Hearts-To-You Day weekend! Make of it what you will. Cue the violins... :boohoo: :wub:
  8. boatshewsd2

    The Wind Beneath Their Wings - Count on It!

    :2c: Interesting comparison of those whose lot it's been to fly that big chair. Agree, or disagree? Discuss! (I'd put in a word for Gay Ellis myself...) :gossip:
  9. jimboh1

    New Kit Alert! SID repair shuttle

    Hi All- I didn't see this anywhere else, but if it is, the usual apologies... Larson Designs of Florida has released a 1/72 SID Repair Shuttle; details here: I would recommend searching for stills of the original miniature as well. i...
  10. Odahs

    UFO Lunar Module - how many models?

    Been researching the Lunar Module for a future simulator project. Came across something I had not noticed before. The model used for the space walk sequence in Close UP - is different in many details to the one usually shown. Particularly the main thruster bell shows detail differences and is...
  11. StrakerCar-FosterCar

    The Future Was Fantastic! Released on DVD

    On eBay yesterday The Future was Fantastic! documentary was released on DVD and the 50 sold in just over 3 hours! :wtf: :o But luckily for those who didn't get one, (Including me:cry:) it has been relisted :clap::clap: and are selling fast! (I snapped one up as quickly as I could...
  12. G

    SkyDiver Resin Kit Costs

    Morning everyone. There's a mate of mine I did some 'Sky 1' modelling work for, who is trying to flog a Reshape Skydiver resin model on Ebay (and no, it is not me before anyone asks :roll: ). It's not selling very well and he's asked that I query the expert opinion of this forum as to what...
  13. Becco_UK

    Imai, SHADO Mobile Model Kit (With Remote Control Parts) Just listed this model kit on eBay. Postage only within the United Kingdom.
  14. SteveDix

    My First Build : SHADO Moon Mobile

    Ever since I joined Eagertrainspotter, I've been thinking about what Gerry Anderson vehicle to build. Perhaps a Hawk? Hawks are largely kitbashed, with large chunks of the body coming from various Saturns, and carving the nosecone out of extruded polystyrene foam would be fun. I'm already...
  15. Captain Sci-Fi

    UFO Model help

    Hi Chaps Thinking hats on please. Years ago I remember seeing some fan art of a landed UFO open up something like the illustration below. If anyone has a scan of the original artwork please post it here or send via an email to me: Yes, I am working on this kit again.
  16. S

    UFO Rolls-Royce Phantom V

    I was wondering if anyone has infomation about the Rolls-Royce Phantom V from UFO, the image bellow is the only picture ive got of the Rolls, cuold someone please post some screengrabs of the model of the Rolls, and could someone tell me what happend to this beutiful car after the filming.
  17. S

    Planned and in progress models

    Heres a list of models Ive planned or are in progress. Air-Sea Rescue Jet. (completed) Zombite Fighter. (nerly done) Spectrum Hovercraft. (nerly done) Superon Tanker/Collection Vehicle/VIP Transporter. (nerly done) Stingray. (nerly done) Recovery Vehicle. (nerly done) Grey & Houseman Truck/IR...
  18. RCnut

    New R/C SHADO Mobile

    Started this Yesterday. I'm building this one just to play with. used the wheels from last one. I wasnt happy with the previous chassis as it was made from thinner stock so this ones been made from 6mm styrene sheet. Its a bit of a bugger to cut but worth the hassel...