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“Lost” Doctor Who episode to be remade


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First broadcast in 1966, The Power of the Daleks saw the regeneration (then called “renewal”) of William Hartnell’s First Doctor into Patrick Troughton’s Second, with the new Time Lord subsequently taking on the Daleks on the planet Vulcan alongside companions Polly (Anneke Wills) and Ben (Michael Craze) across six half-hour episodes.

However, the episode was seemingly lost for ever when a BBC archive purge in 1974 saw the master filming negatives destroyed – until now.
Today, BBC Worldwide announced that it has commissioned an animation studio to re-create the iconic story, using surviving audio recordings of the original cast as well as remaining clips and photographs to bring the story back to life in a special black-and-white animated episode.
I was surprised by this but very happy that's it has been done. The only way I can see it is if it gets released on DVD in North America. I would liked to know why the BBC changed their minds or where the money is coming from. The BBC had it in their budget to animate 1 or 2 episodes for each Doctor Who story. The last story is The Crusade which has 2 out of 4 episodes surviving. The BBC has refused to animate the missing 2 episodes and release it on DVD. The last 3 Doctor Who releases have not been properly done. The Enemy Of The World has no dvd extras, The Web of Fear also has no DVD extras and the missing episode 3 is Telesnap and not animated. The last DVD, The Underwater Menace DOES have the DVD extras, but the 2 missing episodes are Telesnapped and not animated. I would like for these 3 Doctor Who stories to be made as Special Editions with the corrections done and The Crusades done as well.

One article that I read on The Power Of The Daleks, stated it was BBC America that put up the money for it. If it's true, I hope they would do more of the Patrick Troughton ones like The Evil Of The Daleks.
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Lost episode

I think we know what He'll find on planet Vulcan.


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I bought this and watched it a few months ago and I noticed something interesting. I watched the colour version first and there was a scene in either episode 5 or 6 where the Daleks are coming out of a room (out of a doorway) and the entire row of Daleks have the arm and gun reversed. I have no idea why they did this, it makes no sense to make such an obvious mistake. I then watched the black and white version and in the same scene, the gun and arm are in the correct positions. I just can't understand why it's correct in one version and wrong the another. I haven't heard anyone else mentioning this.