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1/4th Scale Alien Queen and Full Scale Captain Scarlet!!


Hi Guys!

Been a while since I last visited here. I have some stuff that you guys might like:

A 1/4th Scale Alien Queen Replica, this beast is just soooo awesome, and pictures just don't do her justice. She's huge and heavy, and with this incredible dynamic pose, it's just an eye catcher for any Aliens/Sci-Fi/Movie fan's collection. No more talking, time for some pictures:

Made by Sideshow Collectibles back in 2009, the limited 1500 pieces release quickly sold out and is still a very popular piece of merchandise on eBay, with prices varying between $1500,- to $2500. I was proud to have this for a few years, but she needs to go. Been on display behind glass, but comes with original box and even shipping box! (Box has had it's best time, but it's just the box, shipping box is still intact). Once this beast comes out of it and gets put together... Big ''wow'' I guarantee...

Looking for some good bids, any questions, let me know!

Next stop, something maybe even cooler, certainly rarer.

Some of you might remember that I proudly showed this off a few years back:

No one less then Captain Scarlet himself. I bought this guy from Captain Sci-Fi, it was something I wanted to have for a long time, and again, pictures don't do the model justice, the attention to detail is just sooo well done, I couldn't even get it on camera. The detail is just stunning, the eyes, hair, cap... it's just a perfect replica of the Captain!

Again, do a good bid, I'd love to see the models in a proper collection that I planned, but never got round to do. And storage is not the right place for these masterpieces!

All the best,

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