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1/6 Classic Hitch Hiker's Marvin build


I'm just finishing up my 1/6 BBC TV version of Marvin before he goes into silicone later this week.

He's primarily constructed of acrylic and styrene sheet, I'm more used to prop builds, so also the tiny bolts and panel detail were 'interesting' with my clunky, chunky fingers :)

Great stuff!

"I've got a brain the size of a planet and all I'm doing is lying about, showing up on some Forum....."

Really captures the look of the original. Well done.

Kindest regards



I have to say that I'd really love one of these.
I've been toying with the idea of scratch building on of these for years but the amount of work required has always put me off.


If anyone is interested in acquiring a Marvin, these are now available as a kit from me.

Price is £68 + postage, drop me a PM if interested :)

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