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1/6 scale K9 project


Been off the site for a while - trying other modelling genres to allow me to come back to SF modelling fresh.

So, bought a Big Chief 1/6 scale Tom Baker Doctor Who figure and thought he was lacking in the accessories department, so after building him a scale Dalek gun I was feeling ambitious so scaled some K9 plans down to 1/6 and started work.

This is where he is at the moment... apologies for the dark photos... I had a sleepless night and whipped out the iphone.

I still have some details to add such as the control panel on his back, gun, collar, NECK!, tail, 'eye' screen, antennae and little roller things on each lower edge.
It won't be motorised but will have push-along tracks (hopefully) and the eye will light up. Not the control panel though... If I go down that route it'll take me forever.

Anyway, got some 16mm ribbed tubing ordered for his neck and a Buchanan tartan ribbon for his collar.

Thanks for looking peeps :D
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Thanks Kevin... I'll update the thread with some more photos.
I've since added a tail mount and started work on the rear control panel... which won't be lit. One light in this is enough for my pathetic electronics skills :D


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I'm not skilled at lighting things - it's not the kind of thing I normally fit to models, so yes in this respect I'm not experienced.

You were partially correct :D