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1999 on Radio 2


Had Radio 2 on in the background whilst doing some work on Saturday. Around lunch time they normally have some comedy and stuff. This week they were discussing famous days in history, most notably the 13th of September 1999 - when the moon was blown out of Earth's orbit as had been predicted by Gerry Anderson.

This then resulted in a debate about whether it had really happened, or had Gerry Anderson lied to us.

It was a good larf :D
Can you remember what time this was on. During my long taxi journeys to school and back I have to contend with Radio 2.

Though if anyone is interested Martin Landau was also on at about 4pm last week. Nothing mentioned about Space: 1999 though. But I heard from a friend he was being asked about the show on Capital Radio. Anyone else hear it?


Sorry for the delay...just moved house!

Yeah, it was on the comedy bit on at lunchtime.

Yes, I heard Martin Landau being interviewed on Steve Wright's show week before last.

They mostly asked Martin about "Mission Impossible". Everytime Steve Wright mentioned "Space 1999" it came across like he was taking the mickey out of the show, with sniggers here and there. Martin Landau replied that he enjoyed being in it.