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Hi just wanted to say that, thanks to this group, I was tempted by a couple of posts (back in the summer) to go and read the books and see what's what.
I did, and I really enjoyed them. If anyone out there has never read the books, I'd recommend them. 2061 can seem a bit 'jumpy' at times, but it is really enjoyable!
Although I wish the ending to 3001 was not quite as abrupt


Forum Supporter
Glad you liked them. So did I. Although I was a little dissapointed with the ending in 3001, it's all a good read!

Thanks to this forum (DX especially) I bought and read "The lost worlds of 2001" earlier this year. Really good. It added a lot of depth to "2001".

I also read "2001: filming the future" and the Cinefex 2001 issue and enjoyed them both a lot.