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2001 A Space Odyssey behind-the-scenes

Well according to ILM's John Goodson he does as he took measurements off it for SW Episode 1.
Also Bill George confirmed it, maybe they were wrong?


Fabulous article. Thanks for posting it. I loved the note from Stanley to MGM. What a character he was.


Perhaps one of the famed alien intelligence figures which we do not see (caretaker)? Or some form of Dave Bowman transforming during the gateway sequence?

Michel Van

Might be- there were a lot of experiments of which only a handful have been seen (the BluRay of 2001 has some). In a way I am glad they went with the invisible entities- 2001 pushed the limits of what current technology could achieve and what they really wanted to depict was almost impossible then. The thin, attenuated robotic 'creatures seen at the end of the film 'A.I.' (a project Kubrick conceived but Spielberg filmed originated as one of the 2001 alien concepts.

Michel Van

This is the version the Germans made for 1966 TV show
"Raumpatrouille – Die phantastischen Abenteuer des Raumschiffes Orion"
it use to show the aliens enemies and it was for it time a very complex SFX