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2001 Aries 1B Model Odd Scale


Many years ago (around 2001, appropriately enough) I started making a scratchbuilt model of the Aries 1B from 2001 (it's one of my all-time favourite spaceship designs) with a view to possibly producing it as a resin kit (at the time there was only Captain Cardboard's kit, which I think was 1/87 scale, and an older Lunar Models kit). For various reasons, I abandoned the project after a short time, during which I had made several major components.

Because there wasn't nearly as much information out thereabout the dimensions of the 'real' thing as there is now, I reckoned my model (based on 107mm diameter plastic EMA hemispheres) was around 1/96 scale, which is a fairly standard ship scale, albeit not a common spaceship scale.

Now, looking at the information I've gathered since, I find that the thing is closer to 1/110 scale, which is a totally weird uncommon scale (a quick google search revealed a handful of kits in 1/110 scale, which actually surprised me as I expected none!).

I'm now thinking of completing it and making moulds etc. so as to produce a resin kit, but before going to the trouble my question is this: would anybody be interested in a kit of the Aries 1B to such an odd scale? Especially as there are other kits now available, such as Stargazer's 1/144 and AJA Models' 1/48, which are to standard scales (and in the case of Stargazer's it fits with several other 2001 kits he's made to a common scale)?

I should add that when I say 'interested' I don't mean I'm looking for people to commit to buying a kit (if I ever make it), I merely seek opinions as to whether there would be a market for a model kit to a unique scale.

I've attached photos of the parts I made all those years ago.


  • Aries1B-1 McTodd.jpg
    Aries1B-1 McTodd.jpg
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  • Aries1B-4 McTodd.jpg
    Aries1B-4 McTodd.jpg
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  • Aries1B-5 McTodd.jpg
    Aries1B-5 McTodd.jpg
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  • Aries1B-6 McTodd.jpg
    Aries1B-6 McTodd.jpg
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  • Aries1B-7 McTodd.jpg
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  • Aries1B-9 McTodd.jpg
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  • Aries1B-11 McTodd.jpg
    Aries1B-11 McTodd.jpg
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  • Aries1B-15 McTodd.jpg
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Having consulted The Spaceship Handbook by Jack Hagerty and Jon Rogers, my model scales out to 1/125. According to Adam K Johnson's 2001: The Lost Science, it scales out to 1/120. As Adam Johnson recently released a stunning large kit of the Aries 1B, I shall defer to his figures, so that makes my model 1/120, which is not quite so oddball as 1/110...

Captain Sci-Fi

Nice work indeed.

Can you give a height dimension of your model?

2001 is a firm favourite of mine, I have an ongoing Space Station V model slowly rising from the raw materials.... :wtf: