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2001: Space Station V Project

Mr. Wabac

Looking forward to the book - any word on a publishing date as of yet ?

The pictures on Douglas Trumbull's site really give some idea of what might be possible for the book.

As for the space station, the miniature seems quite "smooth" in terms of textures; might be it's sheer size. Wondering whether there were kit parts used for some of the detailing or whether it is closer to the Discovery by using varying thicknesses of plastic, foil and paint variations ?

Captain Sci-Fi

less is more....

It's a question of scale, from the screen grabs that I have you can see lots of interesting surface details. To my eye they are lower in relief than you might expect, much more USS Enterprise than Death Star but still there. This is the primary reason I decided to make my model as big as it will be. I wanted to try to capture the subtleness of the surface layers to reflect the flavour of the filming miniature as closely as possible.

I am planning to go with thin plastic sheeting, paper labels and paint effects, the model parts I use will be very low key.



There is no date for the book beyond 12-18 months. I'll bet it's going to be expensive. Good paper, highest quality, meant to last beyond our lunar colony funded by congress, not as a prison.

Captain Sci-Fi

How are you Tweaker?

Glad you liked the thread. :D

You must be a mind reader, I was looking at this just yesterday with a view to continuing. I am clearing the decks of old projects and will resume construction very soon. I still fully intend to produce this as a kit and am working to fix a budget and arrive at an accurate retail price. I have doodled my way around a few problems I encountered with some new ideas I want to try.


Hanging in there.... like what I have seen you done so far. :thumbup:

I usually check out the UFO section... but this one caught my eye.

Captain Sci-Fi

So It's been a good while but I am starting to look at all my old projects with a view to working through to completion.

I have studied this model from many screen grabs pulled from the DVD, talked to other builders and corresponded with Doug Trumbull all with a view of interpreting this model into a kit.

My first thoughts were to laser cut styrene to fabricate the rings and some surface details, then I thought about vac forming sections to link into a whole wheel. All these methods had merits and drawbacks so I have decided to use a combination of them to pattern a master model and pull rubber moulds. The finished model with be glass fibre laminated with epoxy. It will be light and very strong and provide plenty of space for lighting etc. If I don't colour the epoxy it should remain transparent enough to be back lit through for window lighting. If this is not as successful as I hope then I will provide Acrylic window panels as cut in replacements.

I have looked around for suitable parts that can be bought in and save cost and inevitably keep the kit price reasonable. Several parts of the structure stumped me to strike the balance between accuracy and production cost, I am planning to use some surprising objects. There will always be scope for the superdetaillers to make their own mark to add or change things if they think they are needed.

Watch this space.


Just browsing around as usual, and spotted this thread updated, Im looking forward to more posts.
watch this space, I like it :yes:


Hi Bernie

Its been a long while since your last post on your SSV ....So what is going on with it.

Keep in mind I still want one !!!

Best Regards Stargazer