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2010 Book

Alex Dumas

Just bought my copy! Jean-Marc Deschamps is a well reknown modeller that has been writing book and articles for a long time. Can't wait to read this one!
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This is brilliant…thanks very much for the heads-up Keith, I’ve just ordered one copy. It will be a nice complement to my “The Official Art of 2010” book (1984) which I find to be excellent as well.


It has just arrived and is amazing. Just chock full of colour photos (only a couple of black and white ones I've noticed so far) of the Leonov, Discovery and the EVA pods. Well worth it!

Someone surely has got to do a Leonov kit with all this information!



Great books,I got mine late last week,I ordered the french 2001 book at the same time,the company refunded part of my postage as they felt they overcharged
I have had a quick scan through both books and the look really good

Hope to catch up with you again at the Scottish Nats Keith

Received the book a few minutes ago and what a totally awesome publication for fans, collectors and above all modelers!
Curiously one of my many fave photos is the one shown on the back cover…Jean-Marc’s collection must be one the best, if not the best!
Thanks again for heads-up Keith!


Note however that in most of the good photos of the Leonov, the large parabolic dish and the mast with the smaller dishes are missing.