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22" Eagle and display pad


Had this Eagle for 2 or 3 years and finally decided to make a start.
I didn't want to go for the aluminium bells as I could have bought another Eagle for the amount they cost, so I sprayed the engines with a Wilko silver spray can (good stuff) and used the C1 metalizer powder to add a reflective shine. I'm happy enough with the finish.

I added a few more detailed greeblies onto the module connecting parts because... why not?

painted white and lightly detailed with pastels

Rough assembly to check the progress and size. Conclusion: pleasingly large :)

After wondering how I was going to ultimately display it, I decided to see if I could make a similar lift mechanism to those that appeared 2 or 3 times in the show.
I wasn't going for a slavish replica - as long as it looked like it belonged in the same universe. I constructed the pad itself from large sheets of foamed PVC with a balsa skeleton. This would then have a large plastic pipe underneath to suggest a pneumatic function. I will eventually add a base plate for stability. I 3D printed some blocks for underneath and will add various detailed pieces before painting.

I added some panel shading using pastels and decided to paint the black areas rather than using the supplied decals. I painted the areas black and then made my own vinyl masks to protect the areas while I sprayed grey and then white over the rest of the pods and command module.

I was in two minds about which passenger pod version to make. Eventually I decided to just go for it and try for the rescue variant. Careful application of vinyl strips helped make nice clean lines. I just have a couple of small touch up areas to do where some of the white paint has lifted (all on areas that I had added filler to before undercoating)

More soon. Hopefully the rest should be fairly straight forward.
Ooooh, that's a lovely beast. The rescue pod looks great. I also really like that you use pastels for dirtying-down detailing... there's something about them just looks so 'right" to my eye.


Thank you for posting your build journey very inspiring indeed and I too can't wait for the next updates?
Question: the pastels you have are soft not dry pastels?? My curiosity is I have always used dry for weathering how did the soft go on and even more so when you did a clear coat any change??


The soft pastels work fine. You can brush them on lightly and blow off any excess before sealing. They give good coverage and don't go grainy. The picture above of the leg pods with the beak shows the light grey panels after I've clear coated. I used Games Workshop Munitorum varnish and it hasn't altered the colour at all.

In my ignorance I didn't even know there were different kinds of pastels :D