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22 Eagle question

Dirk Bongo

Hi all,

What size would the brass need to be for a 22" Eagle, especially the outer sleeve?

What sort of brass (or any other material) and what sort of quantity?



K&S is adequate (if a little expensive) for a 22" size model. The bulk of the framework would be 1/8th, the diagonals 3/32nd and the reinforcing tubes on the spine 5/32nd.

Fortunately K&S tube already comes in a nice sliding telescopic fit. If you make the framework under the passenger pod in brass then you're looking at, believe it or not, aprox 45 ft of 1/8th brass tube.


Chief Eagle Pilot
Its just like the 44, three different sizes, you just half all the measurements 1/4 = 1/8th and so on.