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29" ENA Interceptor is here!


Pretty big huh! The shipper sent it Priority Mail so I got it in 2 days.

Its missing the small strut for the front leg.

My pilot is pretty happy!



Tony42 said:
Nice Dinky Interceptor too. nice when I model arrives in one piece. As Darth Vader would say "most impressive" And yes, that pilot is a very happy little camper isn't he.
AAhhh... the Dinky! Don't you just love them. I have 2. I've got a Dinky SHADO mobile and 2 Space 1999 Eagles also.


The Dinky Interceptor isn't actually a bad shape considering its a toy. Certainly made the legs a better size than PE did...very spidery those PE interceptor legs...and I think the pilot is a tat too big for the machine, but I'm not sure. The Dinky pilot is of course a little small, but again, its a toy...a very cool toy at that.


Nice ship, can you photograph it against a PE 12" so I can get a grip on its size. Thats assuming you have a PE 12". Now your a member here so you have to right?

I'm more interested in having the PE Interceptor set with the UFO now - but I see they are discontinued - I'll do some hunting around I know they can still be had.


I just measured the Interceptor and its more like 27" rather than 29" long. About a foot tall and a foot wide. I cant post any more pics because I keep getting busted for having my pics to big. I dont know how to make them smaller. My camera is on its lowest resolution and I tried to resize them at photobucket but it doesnt work for some reason. I clicked the link a few posts above about pictures and its just a bunch of posts about *cough*????


They do look happy don't they?


Not sure about the twins though...

I have it! :!: ...
It must be the space suits. :yes:

A great looking Interceptor though Shado Driver, congrats!