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Hi all, thought I'd show you my Dagostini Falcon build & I must say lm enjoying it, Exellent quality.

Metal guns primed & barrels drilled out....

Adding my own details to the main hold cabin...

Making barrels with some poundshop gel pen tops... & bits...

Added pipework etc.. Just wanted to create a functional feel to it by adding pipework etc as l don't imagine I will open the falcon up much to display its interior. It's just my interpretational detailing and not studio set accurate!! I'd have to spend a fortune on certain sites lazer cut printer parts that l feel are way over priced!!! But I'm looking into a grid floor at some point!!

Altered seats...

Corridors started...

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This is superb work Dark view absolutely fantastic.
I had started to collect the issues but at the end of the day the costs were going to be too much so I sold them on.
This is turning out to be a great replica and well worth having in anyone's collection.
Please keep posting.


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Thanks all, l do it bit by bit & ad things if needed etc... Plus lm happy waiting monthly as it gives me time to make sure the details are as close as possible per section etc...Yeah it's £35 a month but l stopped smoking and I'm more than quits up ;-)
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Congratulations on both counts....

Thanks for the close-ups Darkview, especially of your very own scratchbuilt components - indistinguishable from the kit parts. It's going to be a wonderful model when finished. Well done too on giving up - it's a hard hard slog, with temptations along the way, but I'm sure you'll get there!

Kindest regards



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TIP: for new models etc...if your wanting to make extra Pipe details for your main hold use the runners with this you can see I've put 2 Up lve finished on this picture... Just cut, sand & prime...paint and weather...

I've used one or two here... Above the seat corner...
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