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3D model of a Dalek


I'm forcing myself to learn how to use 3D modelling software. As a project I'm trying to model a Dalek. Nothing specific, just something that resembles those famous pepperpots.

Now I've managed most of the easy modelling, but am having difficulty with the balls on the skirt. All the panels are different so cloning is out. All the angles are different - so HOW do I align the 56 hemispheres!

I'm using trueSpace, Maya (PLE) and SoftImage, so anything relevant to any of those packages would be appreciated.:yes:



Hi Phil, I'm a blender user myself - and there's a guy on the blender forums who's making a dalek. I'd suggest keeping them as full spheres, and just making sure that their centres are aligned with the 'plane' they're sat on. Then you could add the surrounding support rings (assuming it's a 'new' dalek?)

Any pics would be welcome, however wip.


I obey!

Forgot to mention Blender - yes I'm even trying that too.
Will post pics when I get past the 'no texture' stage. They all look like light grey EMA plastic at the moment!

Tried something daft - imported a partial dalek into a Vue landscape and gave it a brown sandstone texture. Looked quite good as a rusting hulk of a dalek abandoned after a war many years before!

Sadly lost the scene as my laptop was then attacked by a force more deadly than any Davros could create - a cat!:no: