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3D model / print of the Liberator weapon


When I made my wands a few years back I used all original ema parts and lathed up the cast acrylic parts. I did a few spares at the time of the lathed bits, most of which I've let go since then but I still had one set left.

Instead of buying in some more ema parts to use the last set I decided to use it as a modelling exercise in Blender. As such I modelled all the parts including a belt box for the electronics as well as the clear acrylic parts so I could get a good fit with the ones I lathed up earlier.

The acrylic parts don't print well on a normal 3d printer but if anyone happens to have a large format SLA (resin) printer they might print out well. I'd love someone to try.

The ema 'black' parts though turned out ok though.

Anyway I hope the models are useful to someone.

Available here


Looks great! I have NO idea about any of this 3D malarky, but sure does seem to get around some modelling challanges of not having a lathe etc