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44" AB Models Eagle Transporter


Thanks for all the compliments guys. Well AB did their best and it was the only game in town around 1999. But yes as a practical model the heavy white metal does make for a cumbersome piece. Anyhow will progress onwards as the footpads are Jim Smalls but I'm cutting mine from 10mm perspex. Also ditching all the resin engine bottles in favour of EMA bits and domes etc.

Skydiver- Well Bernie it's stored at my parents whilst my house is being done- but I've a mind to finish painting, detailing, decals, weathering by the end of the year before considering selling it perhaps. I need the space and the 3 footer for me will be difficult to moor given my 44" Eagle count...;-)...

Yes 5 years doing nothing...I am the laziest Alphan reject......back to Earth..