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44" cost?


Thought I would give a total on what I have in this project thus far. I have a CM, Passenger pod, decals, blueprints, 125' of brass tube (in all required sizes) and various build supplies at just under $500. I have a long way to go yet and more money to make! :) The build continues!


The CM is 'relatively' light in weight and if you don't frequently remove the CM from the frame, the beak clamps could be made of many different materials, plastic, resin, wood or metal.

The brass beak clamps seem more appropriate as many spines/cages are also made of brass and this would be more robust and made for more man handling.

Those beak (CM) clamps need to be fairly robust. Don't forget this is a large build and gravity will take it's toll on resin parts over time - they WILL sag under the weight of parts cantilevered off them. You really won't appreciate the forces at work here until you've actually built one of these beauties and you see it weighs quite a bit when assembled.

Also to pin this through the clamps as per the original, the material has to be fairly thin around the pin hole, and resin will just not be strong enough.


Is there a company that makes the 44 inch eagle as a model that you can make that is complete with all the necessary parts? Or do you just have to scratch build these?


Short answer is you have to scratch build it. There are people around who supply 44" parts from time to time. 'AB Models' produced a 44" Eagle transporter way back in 1999. It was limited to around 25 copies or so. A challenging kit by all accounts, I've only ever seen 3 of them built.