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44" Eagle build by Chris Potter (w8cmp)


Moving on from the build thread I thought I'd post some pics of my finished 44" Eagle on its display base with some of my other collection at a recent local model exhibition...

For the last three images I would like to thank DX who kindly photographed the model in a studio environment...and brought it to life for me !

Parts / methods used were as follows:

CM - SAW resin cast of DX's fibreglass nosecone. Came assembled as one unit, so needed the rear cut off the CM and add some fibreglass reinforcement inside to ensure it was completely stable (especially around the angles where the window cutout panels join). Aluminium sensor dishes also fitted. Original 1:24 Gemini astronauts put inside as per the original model. CM clamps were hand made from brass channel, strip, tube and rods.

Corridors - SAW resin parts which were straighforward boxes to assemble. Required a wood core for strength & brass angles installed to take the landing gear pods etc. Well detailed on the outside if not completely studio accurate. Came with well detailed 'shelves' either side to which I added some of the distinctive B-29 engine cowlings on the undersides as per the original.

Transporter Pod - SAW resin parts which went together well. Wooden inserts installed to take the various screws & bolts for mounting to the Eagle & mounting hardware to the pod. Came with aluminium VTOL bells & resin landing gear etc. Resin window recesses cut out and replaced with 3mm perspex painted black on backside, and frames cut to fit from very thin plasticard.

Landing Gear Pods - SAW resin parts. Two part top and bottom which required hardwood inserts for the brass landing gear to indert in to. 'Prongs' to mount to Eagle were kindly supplied by Paul Gray in acrylic and these were securely mounted in to the pod and wood core inside, liberally coated with epoxy to anchor them.

Sprung Landing Gear - 4 beautifully built units in brass from DX-SFX - slide in mounting so readily removeable.

Landing Gear Pads - Aluminium pads from Paul Gray - mounted to landing gear above. Landing gear painted in various greys as per original & detailed.

Cage Framework - SAW resin parts. Accurate mouldings which required a little clean up along seam lines, but otherwise trouble free and surprisingly strong. Permanently assembled around corridor sections.

Spine Framework - Uncle Bill Carbon Fibre / resin parts. Once cleaned up of their pour tabs (1 evening) the spine was assembled in a few hours :thumbup:. Surprisingly strong and capable of supporting the model, but a little more flex than brass parts. Spine fixed to corridor frames with handmade 'U' shaped clamps and small cheesehead nuts / bolts which are strong enough to join the sections without additional glue. To make the whole model mode stable I screwed the pod in to the corridors front and back to bring the whole thing together structurally and stop any twisting.

Engines / Tanks / Plumbing - SAW resin main bottles with EMA end caps. EMA spherical tanks & plumbing. Framework in resin & brass for rigidity. Mike Reader engine bells which are bolted through in to captive nuts inside the domes. Hand made brass brackets & small bolts used to fix tanks to framework.

Painting - Extensive reference photographs of the original Eagle 1 were used as a guide. Model was primed in grey primer and then coated in Ford Diamond White. Panels were marked out in pencil from original reference and then light grey & blue panels masked and airbrushed on. Weathering in various greys was then applied by airbrush again with reference to the original. Black panelling sprayed with Humrol enamels. Decals were from DX-SFX including all technical markings as per the original. Lots of additional detail was picked out with reference to archive photographs and some artistic licence. Final topcoat of thinned Microscale matt varnish to dull the whole model down and bring the whole finish together.

Display - Base made from MDF, primed in grey and painted in VW Orange. Panels sprayed with Humbrol matt black & grey, and technical markings added from Letraset sheets. Coated in Microscale matt varnish & patches added. Exhaust marks measured out & sprayed in Xtracolor 'Exhaust'. Staircase to pod was knocked up in a couple of evenings in plasticard & brass with reference to screen captures.

I hope that gives an insight in to the parts and how the model was made...



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Captain Sci-Fi

Moved to Member build section for posterity

We had to honour this build So I have moved it into the Members reference section. Here is what we are all after people, match this quality and you will be joining a very elite club.

Many Congratulations to Chris Potter (w8cmp) on completion of this studio ready build.



Just saw a pic of this on Facebook, so I Googled "Eagle" and "Chris Potter" and ended up here!! Awesome job - I'm goona download every pic!!


Having sold this one, I am now working on my second 44" Eagle which made up of the following:

Brass cages and spine (made up by me on jigs provided by Chris Trice - so they are spot on !)
New Chris Trice CM nose section
CM clamps made by me from brass channel
Paul Gray passenger pod & pod legs/feet
Paul Gray leg pods with original kit detailing & plasticard panelling
Chris Trice landing gear legs
Landing gear brass feet made up by me from brass stock
Landing gear footpads cast from a mold lent to me of the original
Mike Reader engine bells
Paul Gray engine bottles with EMA domes
DITS acrylic corridor sections with original kit parts for detailing
Captain's store acrylic shelves with EMA detailing

It's going to be accurate to the Early Eagle 1 as shown on the blueprints and I hope to have her ready by Easter 2013.


Just finished my second Eagle after 3 years in the making on and off...

I'll share some pics when I can find somewhere to host them...



After I've finished the Meta Probe I'm building in scale with the 44" Eagle, and the winch pod I'm also building (been loaned an original miniature to take reference from)


Hi Chris...

Do you mean that you are building a Meta Probe which is in scale with the 44" Eagle ?? If so, wouldn't that be huge approx. 20 feet ?

And you mentioned that you are building the winch pod for the 44" Eagle that's great...:thumbup: and with a original winch pod for reference... cool..8)

Do you think the owner of the original winch pod would mind if you posted close up photos ? :think:

Are you willing / able to share any of those references for the winch pod with us ? :think:

Eagle pilot



As promised, here are some pics of my second 44" Eagle, now finished.

This one is all brass, perspex, fibreglass etc as per the original studio model, with chemiwood leg pods & passenger pod from Paul Gray. It's faithful to the mid-season 1 Eagle 1 configuration & colour scheme. Hope you enjoy... :)

Simply wonderful.....

Another reason why the Forum is such good funl. I've never seen a 44" Eagle in real life, so have to rely on photographs. When I see craftsmanship, dedication and sheer love of the subject like this, it's an absolute inspiration to lesser modellers like me.

Hope to see many many more photos of Eagles like these - thanks for posting them and giving us all a treat.

Kindest regards

Super sharp build Chris, she looks the duck's guts to me....:p Classy workmanship indeed, it's a credit to your skills.

I think you mentioned something about a lab pod? I'd love to see that Eagle with the LP, spine booster and those lift booster thingys, bristling with extra goodness!



Thanks foryour comments guys :)

I'm looking for a Lab Pod now...don't know where I can get one at this moment...

I am however working on a winch pod build, having got the loan of an original studio model to refer to.

I hope to do the spine booster, side boosters and other attachments over time.

I am however working on the Meta Probe in scale with this - and yes it will be 8 to 10ft long I believe. Still working on sizing things up and establishing where I can source suitably sized materials for the various pods / tanks / compartments on board. It's going to be a fun build I think.

Captain Sci-Fi

I never thought you could improve over the first model Chris, this is just tremendous. :D

Did you keep any tally on the hours spent on this one? Or put another way, did what you learned from the first model make this one easier, cheaper or quicker to build?


Hi Bernie - the first model took about 9 months to build. This one took 3 years on and off ! Unfortunately I didn't record the hours, but I spent just short of £3,000 on the parts and consumables needed to build it.

The construction was so different that it was a completely different build experience. The one thing I did learn from the first one is that there are a lot of forces acting on the basic structure so it needs to be very strong to resist deforming or breaking. That's why this one was always going to be brass - especially when I was hanging chemiwood leg pods and passenger pod from it.

When it came to painting, I had learned some valuable lessons on the first model, which helped on this one - but there is only so much you can do to speed up a masking and painting process, so it still took some time. This one is painted in Alpha White (white primer) which has been confirmed by Brian Johnson as the correct colour - not Ford Diamond White as was once thought. However it is very close to FDW, and I must admit I prefer working with gloss car paints rather then primer which is matt, and presents different problems in finishing.

I'm very pleased with this model, and as far as I'm concerned it's a keeper - the model I have been after since I first saw Space 1999 as a kid.


I'm looking for a Lab Pod now...don't know where I can get one at this moment...

Might be able to help you out Chris. I've got a resin SAW one I got from D.I.T.S. a while back. Let me know if you are still looking for one and I'll send you some pictures.


I'm definitely still after a Lab pod if you have one available...would love to see pics and discuss price etc.

Collection would not be a problem :)

Could you e-mail me on with further info...

I think Lee will also be casting Lab Pods so you might want to wait until this new one comes out.

I wasn't very happy with the Lab Pod from D.I.Ts. It looked good at first but the resin was far too thick and heavy. The thing must weigh a TON.
Not only that but it was so full of air bubbles I doubt I'll ever finish it.
I also had to email him for 2 more thrusters as he only supplied 4 thrusters when the Lab pod has 6.

If Lee makes a Lab pod as he did the passenger pod, it will be awesome!