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44" Eagle build...yeah another one of 'em.


Apologies for the lack of answers and updates gang, stuff both modeling and otherwise intruding but that's how it be. Dusting this off, update time such as it is.

Linky to site page:
Page 7,spine frame formers and display base plan.

And them edited highlights thread pics thing.
Block formers.

Brass pipe for said formers all cut and milled up.

Thick walled stuff for the collars.

The rest is just the bog standard 6.35mm thin walled stuff.

Spine center piece parts.

Slotted on and nice snug joints.

Line up, solder, repeat until done.

Long bits of proper 6mm diameter tube in the jog blocks, frames slotted on to roughly the right places and the lot in the rail jig.

Much still to be done, cut, soldered etc. but getting there.
The display stand is another matter, the client wants something like this...

So scaling up, we get a lump in the order of so 48" long, 24" wide and 12" high.
A very swift and rough scribble plan to get to grips with what will be required. Had to draw it up on 20 sheets of A4 taped together as didn't have a big enough single sheet to hand.

And considering the size, I'm going to have to detail the living @$&% out of it. Oh and lighting in the pad to show off the Eagle of course.

Which will be a real laugh riot will it not?

More to come ASAP!


OK, long time no post but update on this beastie!

Page 8, Moonbuggy Rebuild/Rework And Nuclear Waste Pod Build And Detailing.

Long story short version for those who don't wanna click the link, client bought both of the above bits and sent them to me to do the number on 'em!

Buggy arrived with him in pieces and likewise with me in same amount of pieces. Like so...

Repaired, paint matched in to the best of my ability, a bit of dry brushing, the top was secured with screws, they got binned, magnets fitted to hold top on and driver likewise to make battery replacement easier.

The result...

Nuclear waste pod in bits though painted by whoever owned it last.

Again, long story short. Built, framework reinforced with some brass wire pins at the joints seeing as this thing weighs in at about 6lbs with a bit more on, waste containers fixed down, middle conveyor part added and lifter like doobries made from 3D printed parts, aluminium tube, styrene tube, heat shrink tube, black wire and a dab or several of epoxy and cyano seeing as 'up the detailing' is the order of the day here.

Oh and some paint as well.

And now that's those two bits sorted, on with the rest!
Later people!


Thanks fellas!
Well one change to the advertised program, client has reconsidered the choice of display base and opted to have just a flat plate landing pad section with inset lighting to show off the Eagle.

One of those 'good thing/bad thing' kinda deals. Good thing in that it will save me work and him money, bad thing as I was kind of looking forward to tackling a base like that oddly enough. Would have been a reasonably awesome display but never mind :D


Great work. I like your way of working out the discrepancies from the show to reality. I always wondered how the barrels managed to move forward onto the conveyor.



Seriously belated thanks all and sorry for no posts for a bloody long time but now back with it!

Page 9 of the site WIP log now up, Internal details for the cage frames.

The abridged and way less wordy detail version for those who no wanna clicka de linky thing...

Resin castings all pulled from their hidey-hole, cleaned, primed and given a few coats of car primer white.

A goodly going over with some water based wash, clean up to bring out the details, a dab or several of paintwork then matt varnish sealed.

Home brewed laser print waterslides.

The very necessary spacey like gold foil and extra wiring piled on where appropriate. And by 'appropriate' I mean where it looked nice.

Quick mock up/look see time.

This kind of thinking thing expanded to all the side plates though not matching because why not.

The side shelf part whatchmacallit with a bit of piping.

The now standard mock up/look see.

And that's about it for this update such as it is while I finish up with this thing...

It's an old pic but new pics will be coming up ASAP.
More later!


I thank ya!
Well the bulk of the soldering grunt work done with a bit of polishing up. Some detailing still to add but...

About this point I usually think that it would be a shame to paint it...still going to though :D


That's the main framework done!
Shorthand version with pics:
Assembled and in the white paint...

Laser printed waterslides slappe on...

Weathering done.

That's all for now.
Later gang!


I thank ya!
Pod getting the treatment.

From this...

To this...

With an addition...

Then the masking malarkey...

After the airbrush antics...

Onward to the detail paintwork and decals...

Next up, weathering!


I thank ya kindly!
Weathering to the main body of the pod done, going for the well used/workhorse look.

Next up, the bottom of the pod.
Later gang!


Yeah! Your back, I missed you! Sorry, need to compose myself, this will get me motivated to finish mine. You just made my day! Fantastic work, but now I want to do the rescue pod. ;0)