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44" Eagle Build


Hi guys,

I'm fly-paper from Edmonton, Alberta CANADA. Thanks to "Gumdrop and Spider" for building this amazing replica.

Has an unfinished passenger pod with custom lens windows. Comes with a finished freighter pod with moon utility vehicle. Won three awards at the Western Canadian Regional Model Show, including People's Choice Award selected from over 500 entries in all categories. Aluminum plates, with precision drilled holes at 8 points, formed the main jig components. Threaded rod runs through both sides of the Aluminum plates, and as well through the center of 32 machine cut brass bars. It is important to note that the brass does not actually run through the aluminum plate itself; only butts up against it. This way milling of the ends is never required. The jigs keep the bars aligned at the 8 critical points. Hundreds pieces were first contoured with a drill press, and then hand filed for a friction fit. Most were then soldered in one session with a high temperature brazing torch. The Spine was built in a similar fashion. Blueprints by Daniel Prud'homme. Fiberglass nose, Engine bells: Mike Reader.

General "closeup" pictures:

Included buggy:

Soldered brass frames:

Partially finished Smallartworks resin passenger pod. Assembled, primed and painted with clear acrylic window inserts. Requires shade/ color matching final finishing paint and pod feet.

Here are a few more recent ]pictures of Fly-paper's Eagle in a more casual setting (Additionally, the pictures are a bit washed out with flash; limiting the fine detail and weathering that can be seen).

The partially finished passenger pod:
(Not seen are the Acrylic window inserts and machine cut white vinyl stick-on window frames. The cutouts on the top are to allow the buyer to add enhanced recessed detail over and above the studio models).

The link below shows these areas detailed and the window inserts added (on it's sister pod):

(Note the engine detail was later enhanced)

.....utterly beautiful. The Eagle herself is gorgeous but, equally, the freight carrier and the vehicle are just as lovely to behold. I'm sure I don't need to remind you just how lucky you are to own this majestic model. Thanks for letting us see the pictures,

Kindest regards