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44 inch Eagle resin parts

Hello everyone,

A question that might seem basic and already discussed, but with all the folks involved in making 44 inch Eagle resin parts for us to avoid making lilke command module and thrusters among others....I admit I'm a bit lost as to who makes what, and if it is still available....

Would it be possible to make some sort of list of who does what right now???
For a long time I've wanted to make my own 44 inch replica of model 1, but always put it aside, but now that I'm decided to start, with all the posts on these command modules, corridors and aluminum thrusters, and so on, I don't know where to start to find some critical parts that would save me time and assure me of proper shape and size, since someone already made the research and measurements.

Things move so fast in garage kits, that a parts available 3 months ago are most likely soldout now...I would off course use the great blueprints available for sale by Daniel Prud'homme, but don't have that much time to scratchbuild everything...

Could someone help with a detailed list of everything currently available and from who with price if known?:think:



As previously mentioned there isn't an updated list of parts available , most are made by people themselves. There have been small runs of parts made - I'm not an Eagle builder and I've seen them made available . You should maybe have a go at making these parts yourself ? There are quite a few build threads that you could take some ideas from. I know one thing though, the majority ( if not all ) of the builds have been put together by people who have researched the different sized filming models and have done their homework and worked together to get their builds completed .

Get yourself involved more, post more , ask more questions. I think then you'd have a far greater chance of being involved with the people who could help to make your dream a reality.
Indeed I don't post much in all forums I go to...My brother calls me an ''underground'' in my hobbies....

But I come here almost daily....Thanks for the links to posts that might help me get some major parts... If I can put my hands on a well done command module, that will be agreat start. The command module and sub pods would be parts I'd rather buy from fellow modelers. As for the frame work, anyone knows of some book or article on the web to supplement the great soldering basics tutorial by DX-SFX?? I would make some tests before giving it a go, some sort of practice 44 inch spine to improve my techniques as I get used to soldering. The last time I soldered was 25 years ago in high school...Kind of basic as an introduction to soldering of making wire car!!!!

Captain Sci-Fi

44" Eagle Command Module

I have one 44" Eagle Command Module (Beak) left in stock with laser cut windows. It is the Robert Burns (Dakota in the Sky) moulding and is quite superb, please contact karr1981 if you would like this kit comprising of:
Two half mouldings
Back Wall
Rear Section (Divided as per the original model Eagle One)
4 laser cut windows
Would it be possible to post pics of this kit or link to a post wtih pics? Is it a casting off one of the three studio models, or made from scratch?

Thanks for the input!

Pictures and more info can be had in this post:

As stated, the CM is produced by Robert Burns (D.I.T.S) Dakota_in_the_sky

Robert sell most, if not all parts for a 44in Eagle. To find all posts for him,
select the Alphan List link from the menu, then select the alphabetical letter D, then select the username Dakota_in_the_sky and then, the statistic tab and finally, Find all threads started by Dakota_in_the_sky. He recently has added beak clamps and pod landing gear to his inventory of little goodies.

He doesn`t monitor his forum email much but you can contact him by email at:

He also has a website at:
Real nice castings indeed...I'll get in touch with him for sure! And the price is good also.

And still no idea anyone on a very detailed tutorial link on the net or book about soldering, differents materials and so on to do it correctly? Book or article on the net?