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44 Passenger Pod


Hi Guys

Well today the Passenger pod that i sent away to be moulded arrived back,
moulded in one piece ,2 cast's one that will later become the Lab pod ,for the second build i have planned ,so after a short break it was out with the grider and files again , this after noon i cut out the sides doors that ,will slide open ,the bottom of the pod needs a little work as there some nasty undercuts ,on the sides ,the end walls were blanked off so the pattern sat on a flat surface ,this way the rubber could not run underneath.

the cut marks are clearly indecated on the end walls so a little trimming here and it is nearly ready for some pref work ,the v section that i had built on the pattern on the undeerside needs to be rebuilt here ,i expact i'll end up using either plastic card or lenghts of wood and blended with p38.

Doug the guy who does all my moulding had just came from the new work shop ,that the modelsmakers who used to be at space models,now
while picking up some more work for himself ,a guy called Gary saw
the passenger pods in his car,and mentioned he built the original Eagle
and told Doug to tell me to drop in as he would like to see
how the build is coming along, as i have mentioned before as soon as i pop in i'll let you know what he thinks , i'll try and get Mike to put some photos up on the forum ,i havn.t heard from him in while ,so Mike if you read this give us a email .

I hope to crack on with the passenger pod now , over the next few weeks on the weekends ,looking after kids and model making do not mix,look out for the photos



44 Passenger pod

Cheers Mike
For puting up the photo's.

The main doors are now fully sliding ,they are set back to allow the door detail to pass the thickness of the walls ,any gaps will be hidden with plastic card.

Windows next ,still havn't really decided to go with glass painted on the inside ,or black decals as with the original Eagle 1 ,also do i cut out every window ,and then glued from behind runners for the glass to slide into.
or cut out the whole sunken panel and replace with one single piece of glass plastic ,mask off the windows from the outside ,what do you think ?

top panels on slanted roof will be plastic card ,same as end wall detail,and ribbed card for side walls ,interia ? what version do you build ,well i like the one with the large computer wall on the left hand side .

more photos soon



Cheers Doug

Mind you when you look though the door way ,you cant see much of anything when you look towards the CM entrance ,i going to make some space suits to hang in the cupboard space so you'll be able to see them hanging up,i have been busy painting the extria ,and i decided way back i would fit glass and paint the inside black ,waste of time ,i had might as well used black decals it looks the same..when i start the second Eagle this time with the Lab pod all these little things will help next time.

underside to paint next and fitting bottom bells


Captain Sci-Fi

Soaring away....

Hi Pete,

Blimey you are a lot further along with your build than I am with mine :D

More power to you mate! :thumbup:



Hi capt

I thought i was way behind ,i had hoped to have the thing finshed by the end of Aug ,i need to start the next one ,and make some money back ,how far are you with your Eagle? if you need any parts ,ie Leg pods ,Cm ,Passenger pod ,etc i have moulds .

I have got loads of unfinshed projects waiting to be moulded ,Joe's car is the next ,its about 18inches long ? same scale as the large model that has been seen on the forum,

The Eagle has been a bit of an eye opener ,not so much putting it together but ,Scatch building everything ,i have been working on the model most weekends inbetween working with my band ,and looking after my kids,,

i should be able to crack on soon as my youngest start nusery soon freeing up my mornings, i also have a Shado mobile ready to be moulded ,a Large SPV
that i started ,thats about 26 inches long ,also XL5 started ,so i need to get these all finshed before any more subjects i take on .

Good luck with your build ,any probs let me know



Hi Richard

the figures are 1/24 scale ,i had to alter the clothing, i purchased them from a shop in London ,i'll see if i can find the address again



Pete, on the assumption that you don't mind a bit of constructive criticism, I give you ten out of ten for bags of enthusiasm for what you've created. You've done more in a few months than many do in a few years, but, put finer abrasive paper at the top of your Christmas present list. A coat of paint can hide a multitude of sins but you need to give the paint a fighting chance. It's generally considered that a model should take as long to paint as it took to make. Gloss paint is particularly unforgiving. If you can refine your finishing technique a little, your results would be even better. It takes a bit longer but worth it in nearly all cases.


HI Guys

does anyone know what the top detail part that sits under the part that is on the front of the Shado mobile on the top section of the Booster pod, and does anyone have any spare 's

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