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44" side booster build up

Big Rab

Forum Supporter
although i have posted pictures on the booster order thread i thought i would post the pictures here aswell in order to tidy things up
cheers Paul

Hi Paul,
I was just going to stick the numbers on to the boosters ( B1, B2, , , ,) last night, when i noticed that they are up side down...... if they were on the Eagle.
I have looked at other photos from the episode and they look the same....
So the dilemma is
1. Do it the same as the original, upside down?
2. Turn them the right way round so you can see them on the Eagle?

On another note,
I have used some strong magnets to hold them on to the passenger pod. It does not take much force to un-attach them and they don't snap shut on to the body when you replace them.

paul gray

Forum Supporter
Rab, i don't know what to say, upside down or right side up? that is the question. or is it to be or not to be? good work with the magnets though.
to answer Doug's question they will be available again but not for a while, i still owe someone a few made up ones , but watch this space.
cheers Paul

Big Rab

Forum Supporter
Well, I just went for the "up is up" way on the boosters. Not exactly the way it was on the original but it would just bug the hell out of me if it was up side down.

I still want the spine boosters for the 44"er, i have to admit. . . . . . . . Any help or information out there???????

Big Rab

Forum Supporter
It is hard to tell what the correct colours are supposed to be, so I just took the plunge and bought some Cans from Halfords, so the ones I used were,

Ford Diamond White (with White primer) two large tanks
Volkswagen Brilliant Orange (with Grey primer) Middle tank
Ford Signal Green (Grey primer) small tanks.

The Orange might be a little too dark (perhaps should have used White primer on that tank as well)
The Green might be a bit too bright so i might (or perhaps not) paint them again.

The pipe work from the top of the large tanks is the same Orange paint used on the middle tank (obviously this was over the FDW so it looks brighter)

The good news is that i now have an Airbrush and compressor so with a bit of luck i should be panelling and weathering all my models soon, once i have lots of practise on an old "Action Man" jeep.

Then at last i can get the decals on to my 44" :)

Big Rab

Forum Supporter
I should also add that I cheated with the Orange and Black chequer squares that run around the tanks.

I went into Windows “Word”, I created a "table" with about 40 columns in two rows. I can’t remember what font size they were (I just printed off a few test shots).
I then put in a back ground colour (Orange or Black) to form the "chequers" and printed them out on clear vinyl adhesive (from eBay) sheets.

When dry, I cut them out and just trimmed off the top and bottom lines of the grid, thus they looked like painted squares on the tanks!

Only draw back was that I did not account for the trimming in my calculations so the squares are slightly rectangles now, on close inspection.

But what the hay?

I also used the same sort of method, along with White vinyl, to make the yellow and black hazard signs (and also the red explosives signs) on the Joe 90 truck nose.

Big Rab

Forum Supporter
Just a quick update on the decals I made for the boosters . . . . . . .

The self adhesive ones started to peal off so back to the computer and altered them slightly
(took out the border lines) then re printed them on clear water slide paper this time :thumbup:
Now they are fixed on with Johnson’s Kleer and looking much better.

I have also found a new use for the boosters as well. . . . . . . . . . Fridge magnets!

They are trying to take my beer (and the other stuff, , , what do you call it???? Ah yes, food!) back to the planet Zanussi.


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uncle bill

Big Rab your boosters look great, however I have point out that the lettering should be this letter
ß (a sharp s) and a lowercase L in data seventy and not the B1 as you have it, also they should be the other way up.
I can supply these decals including the smaller symbol markings for a very reasonable price.
Uncle Bill


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Big Rab

Forum Supporter
Thanks for the information Uncle Bill, I had no idea it was the ß symbol, I just thought it was a "computer" font of some sort.

I may have to do something about correcting it when i do some weathering on the boosters.
It was a dilemma though about the positioning of the "ßl" "ß2" and so on.
Earlier in this thread it mentions that they are up side down on the real Eagle boosters, but looks kind of silly if they are up side down on a static model.
If the same "ßl" was on all of the 4 boosters then that would look very cool and no one would know, , , , , but when you go to decal numbers 2,3 and 4, anybody who saw them in your house would say " Did you know your numbers are up side down".
So I'm still confused as to what to do about that. . . . . . . .

Your decal sheet looks fantastic I have to say, I used some "tech"markings that I got, a while ago, from DX and made up the small black lines myself.

I will have to contact you again later about decals for a 3 foot Skydiver :thumbup: