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95% finished


It's been ages getting this far but I've finally finished it. :D
Price is going to be £130.
I'll need £20 deposit off people who want one. I'm not going to do many of them as the legs are a pain in the ass to cast.

Utterly convincing.....

That's what this is. There's something about this model that's almost creepy - having that sitting on your workbench, you could imagine it coming to life. I never really caught more than a couple of episodes ot the series, so don't have an affinity like I do with other shows. Your Tripod does stand out though, just for the sheer magnificence of the craftsmanship. It's beautiful.......but creepy.

Kindest regards



The tripod was originally going to be one piece hollow cast resin but I'm going to get a couple of the bodies cast in hard vinyl, it will just need joining around the middle but we're modellers.I've done one for myself and it comes out ok once filled and seamed.
Just a question to anyone who expressed interest in a kit, would that pose a problem for anyone or not ? Please can you let me know as I'm trying to get these sorted.


I do apologise for the delay but I wanted to produce a kit as well as I could so we’d all be happy with it.
The leg production problems are now sorted,and as you can see from the pictures I’ve gone in a different direction with them.

Now from the top “elbow” down they are completely metal so they are stronger and better looking.
It does also mean there’s a bit more work for you to do but that’s part of modelling.
This also gives the builder the opportunity to achieve a more realistic look just by polishing them.
Sadly because of the extensive R&D involved in this and now the extra metal parts the price will be £170
I knew I’d get there in the end and I hope you think it’s worth the wait.
Thank you again for your patience.
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Al Loew

Tripod Update


This is coming along beautifully! I'm definitely interested in one when you're at the point of taking orders. Thanks for bringing to life one of my grail kits.

Captain Sci-Fi

I can thoroughly recommend this kit, it is even better in the flesh than the pictures. I designed an eye lighting kit which pulses green and will make this available when the kit is released.
Any update on this kit - Just saw The WotW last Arena tour in Glasgow Hydro last night and would love a war machine -would love the one on stage but wouldn't have the room :)