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A bridge too far?


Another project on hold at the moment....
1/8 scale bridge....yes you did read that right:O.....just under 4 foot in diameter

Started with Spocks Station and got carried away :lol:.


No, A Bridge To The Future...

Wouldn't really fret over that...seems to be something of an occupational hazard in this line of endeavor! :yes:

Steve Gerard

I like that you have the turbolift directly behind the captain's chair because it is logical. :thumbup: Especially since the exterior Enterprise had the turbolift centered as you made it. Impressive work.:clap:

The set design of the original series had the turbolift on the right behind Kirk's chair and never made sense except it was basic set design for actors entrance. Most television series sets have a door on the left or right in a house, but this is a starship.
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No, no, no, you really haven't got carried away....

Keep going, keep going, it's really not that big and you'll find space to store it, no problem, just keep posting pictures so the rest of us can admire it without ever worrying about where to keep it.

Anyway, seriously, a great beginning and we look forward to further posts.

Kindest regards