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A New Wrinkle for Blake's 7?

Ham Salad

Sacrilage! Apart from the low budget there was many great things about B7.

People who don't like the show seem to be entirely focused on the occasional low production values...they haven't actually watched the show. The production value went way up in the 4th season, has he seen any of those episodes?

The same people love TV shows and movies that LOOK great, but have bad writing or silly premises. (cough)newbsg(cough).

It's a pretty myopic point of view: after all, if you have actually watched TV shows and movies of yesteryear, the farther back in time you go the lower the production value tended to be...and the focus was on acting and writing.

So, what makes a show 'good', how it looks or what it has to say?
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Count me in....

I loved Blake's 7 - Seasons 2 and 3 were the best, not sure about the last series but WHAT AN ENDiNG. Of course some of the effects were tacky, as were the sets, but what a villain in Servalan and her pet Travis - the interplay between the characters, and twists and tension in abundance. But I love new BSG as well - one man's meat really is another man's poison, it would seem. A good show is one where you care enough about the characters, and the rest follows....

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